Leaked memo shows Republican timeline for impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas

 January 18, 2024

This month saw the House Homeland Security Committee hold hearings over whether to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his failure to secure America's southern border.

While the final hearing was held on Thursday, a leaked memo suggests that the committee has already set a date to mark up impeachment articles. 

Memo sets January 31 deadline

That's according to a Wednesday report published by The Hill, which said the memo was sent on the same day of the initial hearing regarding Mayorkas.

"We have scheduled the markup for impeachment articles at 10:00 AM ET on Wednesday, January 31, 2024," it was quoted as saying.

The Hill described the memo as having been created to help prepare Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green, who serves as chair of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Mayorkas invited to submit written testimony in lieu of appearance

Although the website noted that Green had been a vocal proponent of impeaching Mayorkas, the congressman would neither verify nor contest the memo's authenticity when questioned about it.

However, The Hill pointed out that Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul recently confirmed to reporters that he expects a January 31 markup date.

Meanwhile, The Hill reported on Wednesday that Green sent a letter to Mayorkas telling him to submit written testimony after the Homeland Security secretary said he would not appear in person.

"Since you continue to decline to come in person, I invite you to submit written testimony for the January 18th hearing record, so that our Committee Members may hear from you directly," Green wrote.

Spokesperson denounces Republicans for "sham process"

However, Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg issued a statement slamming Green's letter as "just the latest example of Committee Republicans' sham process."

"It's abundantly clear that they are not interested in hearing from Secretary Mayorkas since it doesn’t fit into their bad-faith, predetermined and unconstitutional rush to impeach him," she declared.

"Last week, the Secretary offered to testify publicly before the Committee; in the time since, the Committee failed to respond to DHS to find a mutually agreeable date," Ehrenberg wrote.

"Instead, they provided this offer of written testimony to the media before any outreach to the Department. [Homeland Security Committee] Republicans have yet again demonstrated their preference for playing politics rather than work together to address the serious issues at the border," the spokesperson went on to add.

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