Leaked video footage shows Tucker Carlson criticizing Fox's streaming service

 May 3, 2023

A leaked video from Media Matters reveals former Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticizing Fox's streaming service.

The clip featured Carlson referring to the Fox Nation service, stating that "it sucks."

The comments

“But nobody’s going to watch it on Fox Nation. Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. So I’d really like to just put the — dump the whole thing on YouTube. But anyway, that’s just my view,” Carlson said.

“It’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane. And they’re like making, like, Lifetime movies. But they don’t, they don’t work on the infrastructure of the site. Like what? It’s crazy,” he added.

Still popular

"A new survey has found that former Carlson remains more popular with Americans than his former employer," Conservative Brief reported.

"The poll by Rasmussen Reports said that Carlson remains popular among conservative and Republican likely voters. 'Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Likely U.S. voters have a favorable impression of Carlson, including 36% who have a Very Favorable opinion of him,' the polling firm noted," according to the report.

Some reports have added that many Fox Nation subscribers have canceled their paid accounts since Carlson's departure from the network, claiming he was the main reason they used it.

Carlson's departure came shortly after Fox settled its lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems over defamation claims following the 2020 presidential election.

Fellow former Fox News host Dan Bongino also announced his parting with the network days before Carlson's announcement, with plans to continue his show on the free speech video platform Rumble.

“One of the first things you realize, when you step outside the noise for a few days, is how many genuinely nice people there are in this country,” Tucker stated in his first comments after his release from the network. “Kind and decent people. People who really care about what’s true, and I know a bunch of hilarious people also. A lot of those. It’s got to be the majority of the population. Even now. So that’s heartening.”

Many Americans are watching to see where Carlson lands next, with many options open following his abrupt exit.

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