Left-wing D.C. prosecutor targets conservative activist Leonard Leo

 September 14, 2023

The left-wing attorney general of Washington D.C. has opened an investigation into Leonard Leo, an influential conservative activist.

Brian Schwalb opened the probe after a complaint from a liberal group, the Campaign for Accountability, concerning Leo's nonprofit network.

Leo is the co-chairman of the Federalist Society, which promotes originalism, a legal philosophy that urges interpreting the Constitution as written.

The group plays a leading role in selecting conservative candidates for the federal bench - and helped shape the Supreme Court's shift to the right under President Trump.

Conservative activist targeted

The left has pursued a pressure campaign against the court and its conservative majority, pushing for "reform" and stirring up outrage about the court's supposed loss of legitimacy.

Much of this outrage has focused on gifts that Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito received from wealthy donors.

Seemingly in response to pressure from the left, attorney general Brian Schwalb opened an investigation into Leo and his non-profit network. A lawyer for the groups called the complaint "sloppy, deceptive and legally flawed."

The complaint claims, without evidence, that Leo profited from millions of dollars in payments from non-profits to his for-profit companies for services that were either never rendered or overvalued.

This appears to be yet another example of left-wing prosecutors weaponizing the law against political opponents while turning a blind eye to violent street crime.

Certainly, if the attorney general of Washington D.C. wanted to find a liberal nonprofit to investigate for corruption, he could do so in a heartbeat.

Weaponized justice

Meanwhile, over the past year, murders in D.C. have gone up 30 percent and motor vehicle thefts have doubled. But Schwalb pushed for reforming D.C.'s criminal code to make sentencing more lenient for criminals such as carjackers - a move that even President Biden opposed.

Schwalb has also said longer sentences "disproportionately adversely impact Black and brown communities" and "do not make communities safer."

He has dismissed the pressing issue of juvenile crime as nothing more than misunderstood "kids" being kids, and he claims punishing criminals doesn't address the "root cause" of why crime occurs.

"Look, there’s nothing more terrifying than being carjacked......We also have to understand why are carjackings happening, and particularly when young people are committing crimes. What are some of the root causes as to why kids get into trouble with the law?"

When it comes to punishing carjackers, Schwalb is a nuanced thinker; but it appears such nuance goes out the window when Schwalb has an opportunity to harass a political enemy.

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Thomas Jefferson
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