Left-wing journalist Taylor Lorenz temporarily suspended from Twitter

 December 19, 2022

The Daily Caller reported that anti-Trump journalist Taylor Lorenz was removed from Twitter this past weekend. 

New York Magazine and HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali announced in a tweet on Saturday that the Washington Post report had been removed from the platform for unknown reasons.

Lorenz had "no idea"

"Taylor Lorenz says she has no idea why she’s been permanently suspended on Twitter," Ali wrote, adding, "She says she only had two tweets left on her account that were promoting her other social media accounts."

Ali went on to say that Lorenz had recently asked Twitter owner Elon Musk to provide a comment for a story she was working on.

The Daily Caller noted that Lorenz' removal came following criticism of independent journalist Bari Weiss for creating a new media company called The Free Press.

Lorenz accused of antisemitism

In a since deleted tweet, Lorenz reacted mockingly to an Axios report which described Weiss' venture as a "buzzy new media startup."

"Notable what gets framed as a "buzzy media startup," Lorenz wrote. "If u start off rich, have a rich spouse, rich friends don’t follow any journalistic ethical rules, and focus your content solely on serving the interests of extremely powerful rich ppl, you can go far!"

The tweet was subsequently denounced by Washington Free Beacon senior editor as "a textbook example of an anti-Semitic trope about how all Jews are rich and powerful, conniving, and immoral."

Weiss has come under criticism from many on the left for helping to expose left-wing bias at Twitter prior to its purchase by Elon Musk.

In a Twitter thread earlier this month, Weiss noted that the platform banned former President Donald Trump while allowing other world leaders to openly call for genocide.

Reporter violated rules

After her account was restored, Lorenz addressed the suspension in a tweet on Sunday, explaining that she had been removed for promoting other accounts that she maintains on other networks.

Twitter stated that it "will remove accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other social platforms and content that contains links or usernames."

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