Leftist activists reiterate demand that Biden 'step aside' or risk losing 2024 election to Trump

 November 28, 2023

President Joe Biden's re-election chances in 2024 are not looking particularly good right now, and that has progressive leftist activists reiterating their demand that Biden "step aside" as the Democratic Party's top candidate, according to a Common Dreams op-ed.

That progressive activist-aligned website argued that Biden remaining in the race despite multiple warning signs of a likely poor performance in 2024 only increased the odds that former President Donald Trump would regain control of the White House.

A "confluence" of bad signs for Biden

The op-ed first looked to a piece from Politico over the weekend that provided a stark picture of the current status quo in the likely 2024 rematch between President Biden and former President Trump, with nearly all signs suggesting that the latter would prevail.

That article highlighted how Biden's positions in the polls "keep getting worse" while Trump's share of the vote was growing larger -- a situation that has seemingly resulted from "a confluence of slippage with reliable Democratic constituencies like young voters, the outbreak of war in the Middle East and the rise of independent and third-party candidates who could siphon votes from both Biden and Trump."

Multiple polls suggest that Biden has lost ground among key Democratic constituencies like young voters and minorities. While not all of them have shifted over to support Trump -- many will ultimately vote for Biden while others will vote for third-party candidates -- some of them may end up in the former president's camp.

Concurrent with those estimated losses among crucial voting blocs are Biden's increasingly dismal job approval numbers, as compiled by FiveThirtyEight, which currently shows Biden more than 15 points underwater with less than 40% approval and more than 54% disapproval of the job he has done thus far as president.

All of that leads to the current RealClearPolitics average of 2024 general election polls that show a surging Trump leading a stagnant Biden by nearly 3%, 47.4-44.8%. Notably, most of those polls don't yet factor in the impact of independent or third-party candidates in the race, some of whom will draw support from both major party nominees but others of whom will almost exclusively pull voters away from Biden, according to Politico.

Activists still urging Biden to "step aside"

Common Dreams, a media outlet that is connected to certain progressive activist groups, asserted that Team Biden was now in a "panic" about the nightmarish poll numbers with regard to the worsening media coverage of the incumbent president's dwindling re-election chances.

The outlet noted its early support for the "Don't Run Joe" movement and ad campaign that transitioned into the "Step Aside Joe" push after Biden formally launched his 2024 campaign for a second term in the White House.

"Ironically, we were often told that shining a critical spotlight on Biden’s re-election chances or his corporate militarism would help Donald Trump or another Republican to win in 2024. But the opposite has been the case," the op-ed stated. "Biden’s amen-corner enablers -- going along to get along rather than risk disapproval from the White House -- have been unwitting helpers of the upcoming GOP ticket."

It pointed out that Biden's impending 2024 problems aren't fully addressed by the various polls that don't account for "activist discontent" and the fact that Biden will likely need the full support of leftist activist groups next year if he wants to retain the presidency, but who are currently dismayed by the president's policies on multiple issues like climate change, "racial justice," and his support for Israel as it fights Hamas in Gaza, among other things.

Biden is not a king to be to be recrowned by Democrats

Given all of the above and more, the Common Dreams op-ed reshared a statement issued by the "Step Aside Joe" activist campaign in April that still holds true today, and said, "The truth remains that a president is not his party’s king and has no automatic right to renomination."

"Simply crowning Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee is unhealthy for the Democratic Party and the country. In the face of clear polling that shows he is ill-positioned to defeat a Republican nominee, Biden is moving the Democratic Party toward a likely disaster in 2024," the statement added. "As the Democratic standard bearer, Biden would represent the status quo at a time when 'wrong track' polling numbers are at an unprecedented high."

The partisan op-ed from Common Dreams concluded, "But Joe Biden and his coterie of backers continue to insist that he wear a crown. The fascistic forces behind Donald Trump are surely delighted."

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