Leftist Agitators Storm House Speaker McCarthy's Office

 September 13, 2023

America's liberals have a decision to make.

They can prosecute the people that just stormed the office of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


They can finally admit that there is a totally different set of rules in America for liberals than there are for conservatives.

They'll probably try to do neither.

Left-wing activists recently stormed the office of McCarthy, a Republican from California. If this had been the office of a Democrat, you can bet your biffy that there would have been SERIOUS repercussions.

They weren't politely waiting outside or anything.

They trespassed, and then caused a massive disturbance by screaming and yelling.

America's two-tiered justice system strikes again.

Instead of calling these people the trespassing criminals that they are, the lunatic left are actually supporting this type of insanity.

These people should be being told by their own party that this type of behavior is not acceptable out of any party.

Instead, America's liberals are simply repeating again and again that they want there to be different rules for America's liberals than there are for America's conservatives.

Unfair persecution like this has been happening ever since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

Liberals couldn't handle the idea that they had lost fair and square, so they created this idea that anyone who doesn't agree with them must be a racist bigot.

Despite none of it being true, it's become their entire narrative.

We're getting tired of it.

Liberals are only hurting themselves, not helping their cause like they would like to believe.

In their delusional minds, each indictment of Donald Trump is a step closer to getting rid of him.

If they would have been paying attention, they would have realized by now that essentially the exact opposite is happening.

Instead of more and more Americans turning on Trump as each new charge is announced, more and more Americans are starting to believe him.

The witch hunt he speaks of used to be a secret attack against him. Now they are very public attacks against ALL of us.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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