Leftist media call out Trump for using term 'final battle' as part of his campaign

 November 25, 2023

Political commentators have questioned what the 2024 election could bring, regardless of whether former President Donald Trump, who is the likely Republican candidate, or likely Democrat candidate, current President Joe Biden win this time around. 

Trump's recent social media post on Truth Social has ignited discussions and raised concerns among some on the left about the political landscape leading up to the 2024 election, as The Washington Post's Philip Bump asserted in his recent article.

In this post, Trump declared, "2024 is our final battle," and outlined promises to supporters that involved purging those he considered dangerous from the government and reshaping the media landscape. Many people are closely examining the implications of such statements.

The Concerning Comments

The post, published on Truth Social, a platform owned by Trump, outlined a vision where supporters, collectively, would "expel the warmongers from our government," "drive out the globalists," and notably, "rout the Fake News Media."

These comments triggered questions about the former president's approach to governance and his stance on media relations, something he has been very vocal he considers to be strained, at best.

Analysts, including The Washington Post's Dan Balz, are cautioning against dismissing Trump's words as mere campaign rhetoric.

There is a growing belief, particularly among those on the left, who are perpetuating the idea that Trump is serious about seeking retribution against those he perceives as foes.

While the author of the article admits that even if he attempted retribution, he was unsuccessful during his first term, the prospect of a second term with potentially increased support is something that concerns some.

Trump's repeated use of the term "final battle" seems to be the primary source of the concern, according to Bump's article.

According to the author, this tactic is not new for Trump, who has a history of framing elections in absolute terms to emphasize their importance and increase voter turnout.

Bump asserts that by declaring 2024 as the "final battle," he creates a narrative that suggests it is the last opportunity to address issues before an anticipated reckoning.

"Trump has used this expression a lot this year. He used it at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He used it at his first campaign rally in Waco, Texas ... He used it again when speaking to Turning Point Action this summer. Over and over, the same framing: The final battle is nigh."

Bump's Final Frustration

Bump shared a personal reflection on the unsettling nature of Trump's rhetoric. The declaration to "rout the Fake News Media" raises concerns about the potential challenges the media industry may face in a future Trump presidency.

The journalist also cited a prayer by a Baptist preacher, Patrick Wiedemeier, who offered the invocation at Trump's recent Iowa rally.

“I pray your protection and encouragement on the president, his family, and his staff,” he added later — unquestionably referring to the country’s previous chief executive and not the one in office now. “Give them the wisdom of Solomon and the discernment of David as they face the giants who are really in opposition to you, Almighty God.”

He said at another point, “We have fallen from great heights” and “need your intervention ... “Truth is suppressed,” he continued. “Lies, corruption, and propaganda are driving civilization to ruins.”

According to The Washington Post, this is cause for concern.

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