Leftist protesters briefly halt legislative proceedings in Texas Capitol, force gallery to be cleared of all spectators

 May 3, 2023

For more than two years the American people have been repeatedly informed by Democrats and the media that protesters disrupting legislative proceedings in a Capitol building was nothing less than an "insurrection" and undemocratic act that must be strongly condemned and sharply punished.

That only applies to Republican-aligned protesters, apparently, as leftist protesters have engaged this year in a series of "insurrection"-like takeovers of state Capitol buildings intended to disrupt legislative proceedings, with the most recent being on Tuesday in Texas, Breitbart reported.

The clear (D)ifference here is that unlike with the January 6 Capitol riot of 2021, these mini-"insurrections" inside state Capitol buildings have the full blessing and support of Democratic politicians and like-minded partisans in the media.

Gallery cleared

On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled Texas House was set to debate a bill already approved by the GOP-controlled Texas Senate known as SB14 that would prohibit gender transition procedures and treatments for minors -- including hormone treatments, puberty blockers, and sex-change operations -- and specifically ban the use of taxpayer funds for such procedures and treatments more broadly.

As that bill was brought to the floor for consideration, however, leftist protesters in the upper gallery for the public began to loudly chant and unfurl banners in opposition to the legislation, which brought the proceedings to a halt and resulted in law enforcement officers clearing the entire gallery of not just the disruptive protesters but all members of the public, including those who were there in support of the measure.

Some protesters handcuffed and briefly detained, but no criminal charges

According to the self-proclaimed "nonpartisan" Texas Tribune, which displayed an overt bias in favor of the leftist protesters, some of those protesters were later handcuffed and briefly detained by law enforcement, only to later be released as no charges would be pressed by the progressive district attorney in Travis County.

Indeed, the outlet noted that some of the protesters engaged in physical altercations with police officers and continued to disrupt the proceedings from outside the chamber with loud chants and yelling, which compelled officers to forcibly remove the mob of pro-LGBTQ activists from the building entirely.

The bill was also tabled for the time being due to the disruption of the proceedings by the protesters, but Texas House Republicans have vowed to bring it back up again, perhaps within a matter of days, and have sufficient numbers to pass the measure over the objections of Democrats.

Disrupting legislative business is against the rules

As for the clearing of the gallery of all members of the public, nobody should be surprised as Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) made it clear up front that any disruptions from protesters during the day's proceedings would result in exactly that occurring.

In a Tuesday night tweet, Phelan said, "Rules matter in the TX House. Today’s outbursts in the gallery were a breach of decorum & continued after I warned that such behaviors would not be tolerated. There will always be differing perspectives, but in our chamber, we will debate those differences w/ respect."

Further, the Tribune noted that even a few Democratic members of the Texas House who opposed the bill nonetheless agreed with Phelan's decision to clear the public gallery, as the deliberately disruptive protesters had clearly violated the unmistakable and non-negotiable rules that prohibit such behavior in the chamber.

The Associated Press, which also displayed its bias in support of leftist protesters disrupting legislative proceedings and argued that such events aren't comparable to the actual "insurrection" on Jan. 6, acknowledged that leftist protesters have similarly disrupted and briefly shut down the state Capitols of Oklahoma, Montana, and Tennessee over the past couple of months.

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