Leftists argue Manhattan DA's case against Trump ought to be put 'on the back burner'

 August 18, 2023

The leftist editorial board of the Daily News is arguing that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's (D) criminal case against former President Donald Trump ought to now be put "on the back burner."  

The Daily News's editorial board made an argument for doing so in an opinion piece, titled, Smaller potatoes: Put Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case against Trump on the back burner. 

"If something is on the back burner," according to the Cambridge Dictionary, "it is temporarily not being dealt with or considered, especially because it is not urgent or important."

This is already quite the admission. But, there is more.

Bragg's case: "smaller potatoes"

"Small potatoes" is defined as "something that does not seem important when compared to something else."

The "something else" is clearly the other criminal cases that have been brought against Trump - the ones brought in Florida and Washington D.C. by the Biden administration's handpicked special counsel, Jack Smith, and the one brought in Georgia by Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis (D).

What is even more interesting, here - in addition to the leftist outlet's admission that Bragg's case is the least important of the bunch - is the board's use of "smaller" rather than "small" potatoes.

Does this imply that Bragg's case is not the only "small potatoes" case against Trump? Is the board not suggesting that there are other "small potatoes" cases, but Bragg's is "smaller" than the rest?

It would seem so.


Bragg has accused Trump of over 30 crimes in relation to Trump's alleged paying of "hush money" to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Legal experts, including renowned criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz - a liberal who repeatedly makes it clear that he is not a Trump supporter - have argued that not only is Bragg's case the weakest one that Trump is facing, but that it is one of the weakest cases, period.

Dershowitz has said:

Here's the government's theory that when Trump paid $130,000 to assure the silence, hush money, to assure the silence of a former porn star so as to prevent embarrassment to his wife. When that hush money was paid, Trump immediately had an obligation to file a report on his public corporate records, explaining the actual reason why he paid the hush money.

Dershowitz called this theory "absurd." That being said, Dershowitz and other legal experts still expect Trump to be convicted in New York because of the heavy Democratic bias of the area.

It is, no doubt, with all of this in mind, that the Daily News's editorial board argues that Bragg's case ought to be put "on the back burner." Currently, Bragg's case is scheduled for March 25, 2024.

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