Legal expert suggests Ivanka Trump cooperated in AG James' suit against Trump

September 30, 2023

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a radical, anti-Trump Democrat, scored a jaw-dropping win against former President Donald Trump last week in her civil suit against him, his family members, and the Trump Organization.

As more details emerge from the result of the rare summary judgment ruling against the Trump Organization that crippled its ability to do business in New York, for the time being, Newsweek quoted one legal expert who believes Ivanka Trump has shown some level of "cooperation" in James' case.

In documents submitted to the Superior Court of New York County, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's oldest daughter former executive for his organization, was listed as a witness.

James, in her civil lawsuit, argued that Trump and his organization inflated the value of certain assets in order to obtain better loan terms and other business perks.

What's happening?

Justice Arthur Engoron, the judge overseeing the case, shocked the news cycle last week in announcing the ruling ahead of the scheduled October trial, not even allowing the former president to mount a defense in the non-jury trial on that particular issue.

Newsweek noted:

The judgment ordered The Trump Organization to be stripped of its license, crippling its ability to operate in New York. Trump denounced the judgment as "Democrat political lawfair and a witch hunt at a level never seen before." Letitia James is a Democrat.

Not surprisingly, liberal media outlets had a field day with the news, and are still attempting to milk the headlines for every click possible, this time suggesting that Ivanka showed some cooperation with James' case, though it wasn't verified.

Newsweek quoted Jamie White, "a Michigan-based attorney who practices personal injury law, criminal defense, and civil litigation," who said Ivanka's status in the filing could indicate that she cooperated in the case.

"Leticia James is potentially hoping for the best, and perhaps Ivanka might be cooperating to some level," White told the outlet.

He added, "I don't think it's a frivolous subpoena. But we can't rule out that Trump may have told his daughter, do what you've got to do."

"Some form of cooperation"

"This is a unique turn of events, and as a general matter, we know experienced prosecutors do not bring people to be witnesses only for the purposes of having them take the 5th. The fact that she was originally a defendant and is now being called as a witness—that usually indicates some form of cooperation."

White went on to point to reasons why he believes Ivanka could have cooperated in the case.

"The idea that they're just calling her randomly, it would be unusual and a waste of prosecutors' resources if she takes the 5th. That's because there's no jury to impress, no media to impress—they simply have to establish damages at this point in the proceedings. That's the only real question, and she may have that information."

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