Legal scholar Jonathan Turley calls Trump's trial 'an embarrassment'

 April 23, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made headlines last year when he accused former President Donald Trump of falsifying business records by listing hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels as a legal expense.

Trump has denounced the prosecution as a "witch hunt," and that position received vindication this week from George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley.

Turley says case "is an embarrassment"

"What is clear is in this case, Trump is right--this is an embarrassment," Breitbart quoted Turley as telling Fox News on Monday.

"The fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York courtroom leaves me in utter disbelief," Turley continued.

"You had this misdemeanor under state law that had [the statute of limitations] run out. They zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance violations under the federal laws that doesn't exist. The Department of Justice doesn't view it this way," he pointed out.

Turley was alluding to Bragg's claim that the statute of limitations for falsifying business records does not apply in Trump's case because his actions were done to feloniously violate federal campaign finance law.

Hillary Clinton labeled payment for Steele Dossier as a legal expense

However, the DOJ opted not to charge Trump in 2021 after the Federal Election Commission (FEC) failed to find evidence that his payment to Daniels was illegal.

"On top of that, you got these tough factual issues that were laid out well by the Trump team saying someone else designated this as a legal expense and he was actually paid far in excess of this because this was a legal account," Turley noted.

"Also keep in mind, this is what Hillary Clinton's people did. Remember when they funded the Steele Dossier which they denied to reporters, they put it as a legal expense," the law professor recalled.

"Then they fought the eventual fine they received from the federal government saying that it was a legal expense. Now you got some of the same Democrats supporting this bizarre theory," Turley complained.

Trump condemns gag order as "totally unconstitutional"

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that while speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Trump slammed the gag order which limits what he can say about the case.

"We have a gag order, which to me is totally unconstitutional. I'm not allowed to talk, but people are allowed to talk about me. So they can talk about me," Trump said.

"They can say whatever they want, they can lie, but I'm not allowed to say anything. I just have to sit back and look at why a conflicted judge has ordered me to have a gag order," he added.

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