Legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight dies

 November 2, 2023

Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight has died. He was 83. 

One of the most successful coaches in the sport, Knight had a reputation for being extremely demanding of his players.

Bob Knight dies

No cause of death was given by the family. He died at his home in Bloomington, Indiana.

“We will continue to celebrate his life and remember him, today and forever as a beloved Husband, Father, Coach, and Friend,” a post from his family read.

Nicknamed "The General," Knight was a relentless coach, but his tough love paid off. From 1971 until his firing in 2000, Indiana University never had a losing record with Knight, and he won three NCAA titles.

When Knight retired from coaching in 2008, his record of 902 wins was the most in NCAA I history. He now ranks fifth, and his 1976 team is the last in NCAA history to go undefeated.

"Bury me upside down"

Knight's passion for greatness came with an explosive temper. In one of his more notorious incidents, he threw a chair across the court.

Criticism came, but Knight never let it bother him.

“When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed,” he once said. “I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.”

His famed tenure at Indiana came to an end in 2000 when he was fired for being rough with students. Player Neil Reed had accused Knight of choking him - the incident was captured on tape - and the coach later got into an altercation with a student who addressed him a little too casually.

Despite swearing to never set foot on Indiana's campus again, Knight returned in 2020 for a reunion of the 1980 team.

Knight finished up his career at Texas Tech. Before his time at Indiana, Knight was a coach at West Point.

"One of the greatest"

His death has impacted countless fans and former students, including Duke coaching legend Mike Krzyzewski, who called Knight one of the "greatest coaches in the history of basketball."

“Clearly, he was one of a kind. Coach Knight recruited me, mentored me, and had a profound impact on my career and in my life. This is a tremendous loss for our sport and our family is deeply saddened by his passing," Krzyzewski said.

Current Indiana coach Mike Woodson was similarly emotional.

“I am so blessed that he saw something in me as a basketball player,” Woodson said in a statement. “He influenced my life in ways I could never repay. As he did with all of his players, he always challenged me to get the most out of myself as a player and more importantly, as a person."

"His record as a basketball coach speaks for itself. He will be remembered as one of the greatest ever," he added.


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