Levin accuses Jack Smith, AG Garland of interfering in 2024 election with indictments of Trump

 July 19, 2023

Conservative author, radio/TV host, and litigator Mark Levin on Tuesday furiously accused Special Counsel Jack Smith and Attorney General Merrick Garland of seeking to interfere in the 2024 election by criminally prosecuting former President Donald Trump, Breitbart reported.

That was already the case with regard to Smith's indictment of Trump over his alleged mishandling and retention of classified documents after leaving the White House but may soon be compounded by a rumored pending indictment over Trump's involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot of 2021 and efforts to question and/or reverse the disputed results of the 2020 election.

Smith reportedly poised to indict Trump over 2020 election, Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Politico reported Tuesday that former President Trump claimed that he had received a "target letter" from Special Counsel Smith that offered him a chance to address a special grand jury and likely signaled that "an arrest and indictment" were soon to follow.

It is unclear what specific alleged crimes Smith might indict Trump over, but speculation suggests charges could be related to obstruction of the January 6, 2021, congressional certification of the 2020 election, his claims that the election was rigged and stolen, a supposed plan to seize voting machines from certain states, and a plan to assemble alternate slates of electors in states where the final results were disputed.

If Smith were to indict Trump in the coming days and weeks, it would be the third criminal indictment against the former president in as many months, in addition to other civil and state-level legal issues that Trump is facing in a seemingly coordinated and concerted fashion.

"A concerted effort to knowingly and actively interfere in a presidential election"

"The seriousness of what is being done to Donald Trump by local and federal Democrat prosecutors cannot be overstated. It is alarming. It is shocking. And this republic is teetering," Levin wrote in a lengthy Twitter post on Tuesday.

"Trump will have to defend himself against bogus criminal charges in Manhattan, bogus civil charges in Albany, bogus criminal charges in the "documents" case, bogus criminal charges in the Jan. 6 matter, and most likely the shoe will soon drop in Atlanta," he continued. "All the while, he is running for re-election as president."

"It is extremely difficult to fight all these prosecutors, and fight for your freedom, and run for president at the same time. And these prosecutors know it," Levin asserted. "They are also involved in something that has only two prior times in our history -- that is, a concerted effort to knowingly and actively interfere in a presidential election. The two prior times were also against Trump (the Durham Report provides overwhelming details of this effort in the 2016 campaign)."

Smith's prior partisan actions and failures highlighted

Levin wrote, "And let's be clear, the DOJ and FBI have demonstrated in the recent past that they will use illegal means to try to take out Trump -- the Hillary Clinton/Democrat Party/FBI/DOJ orchestrated 'Russia Collusion' scam that lasted years -- and they are doing the same thing now, but on a unimaginable scale."

"Merrick Garland and his extremely radical top-level staff are unquestionably involved in all these decisions," he continued. "As for Jack Smith, chosen by Garland to go after Trump, he is no 'special counsel.' He physically looks like what he is -- a maniacal, seek-and-destroy hatchet man who has a long record of abusing and targeting individuals who have no chance of escaping his fascistic, Beria-like tactics."

Levin highlighted prior prosecutorial efforts by Smith that were overturned, including going after former Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, former Democratic North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, as well as his involvement in the IRS targeting of conservative Tea Party groups.

"Obviously, Garland found all of this to be a resume enhancement when he chose Smith to target Trump," he wrote. "Yet, because Smith triggers these criminal investigations, he creates his own immunity from congressional oversight, where the rogue prosecutor asserts that he can ignore any questions from Congress because he is in the middle of prosecutions of his own making. This, despite that fact that his actions have thrown the election and the nation into turmoil."

Part of a broader Democratic effort to impose one-party state control

Levin observed that this utter travesty of justice and subversion of the rule of law was being gleefully cheered on and encouraged by Democrats and their allies among the media and Trump-haters.

"The Democrat Party and its surrogates are playing for keeps -- a one-party, state-party that monopolizes elections, the government, and the culture, with no effective competition, supported by the state-media, which is largely made up of Democrat Party members or personnel aligned with the Democrat Party agenda," he concluded. "This is tyranny. This is autocracy. And it is looking you directly in the eye."

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