Mark Levin says Biden 'better damn well hope' SCOTUS rules in favor of Trump's immunity claim

 May 14, 2024

The Supreme Court is currently considering former President Donald Trump's argument in favor of immunity from prosecution for former presidents -- an argument that President Joe Biden's administration, by way of the Justice Department and Special Counsel Jack Smith, has vehemently opposed.

But Biden "better damn well hope" that his rival Trump wins that presidential immunity case, conservative commentator Mark Levin warned, lest the Democratic incumbent find himself targeted by prosecutors after leaving office for his own alleged crimes and violations, the Media Research Center reported.

Levin proceeded to provide a few examples of alleged crimes committed by Biden while in office that could result in post-presidency prosecution if the Supreme Court ultimately rules against Trump's claimed immunity for ex-presidents.

"A long list of the crimes that you’ve committed"

At the end of his "Life, Liberty, and Levin" on Fox News on Sunday, the staunchly conservative talk radio and TV host took a moment to address President Biden's opposition to former President Trump's claim of immunity at the Supreme Court, according to Mediaite.

"Joe Biden, you better damn well hope that you lose that Supreme Court decision," Levin said. "You better damn well hope that immunity for your so-called official acts after you leave office protects you when you leave office, because I’m making a long list of the crimes that you’ve committed and the constitutional violations."

"Whether it’s the border and the deaths and the damage and the slavery that’s taking place there as a result of you," he continued. "Whether it’s your violation of federal law, the Empowerment Act, withholding munitions that were passed by Congress, a clear violation of federal law."

"Let the dust off the Espionage Act. Oh, yeah. Because we have a report that says that you violated it on multiple grounds," Levin stated. "As a matter of fact, you sold out your country to a publisher for $8 million, spewing classified information from the government."

"It's a long list, Joe. You better damn well hope you lose that immunity case in the Supreme Court," he reiterated.

Supreme Court's immunity decision and Biden's alleged crimes

According to an analysis of last month's oral arguments, a majority of the Supreme Court's justices appeared inclined to rule -- most likely in June or July -- that former presidents enjoy at least some immunity from prosecution for "official acts" committed during their presidency.

Such a ruling would undoubtedly prompt further delays of, if not end altogether, the several criminal prosecutions that former President Trump is currently facing, potentially pushing back those cases -- which involved alleged election interference and unauthorized retention of classified documents -- until after November's presidential election, which appears to be a rematch of the 2020 contest between Trump and President Biden.

As for Levin's mention of possible prosecution that Biden could face if the Supreme Court rules against Trump's claim, the first would be Biden's abject and undeniable -- and likely impeachable -- refusal to fully enforce the nation's duly passed border security and immigration laws, which has resulted in a historically unprecedented surge of illegal immigration and other associated problems.

More recently, there is Biden's threat to withhold congressionally authorized weapons shipments to Israel over his disagreement with how the embattled Jewish nation is fighting against Hamas terrorists in Gaza -- a threat that is remarkably similar to what Trump was impeached for in 2019 over his temporarily withholding of aid to Ukraine.

Finally, there is Biden's confirmed retention of classified documents after leaving office -- something that Trump is being prosecuted for doing -- that Biden admittedly shared with a writer and kept poorly secured in his garage ... though he has so far dodged prosecution due to his elderly age and notable decline in cognitive capabilities.

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