Liberal majority Wisconsin Supreme Court to reexamine bringing back widespread use of ballot drop boxes

 May 13, 2024

Given the ultra-high, country-shaping stakes of the next presidential election, lawyers are working overtime across the country to put election laws in the favor of one side or the other. 

That's especially true in crucial swing states, as was evidenced recently in Wisconsin where the state's Supreme Court, now under Democrat control, will reexamine a 2022 ruling that scaled back the use of ballot drop boxes after the controversy they created in the 2020 election

According to the Washington Examiner, the liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this week on the case as Democrats desperately attempt to reinstate the widespread use of ballot boxes, which almost always go in their favor during an election.

Obviously, given the profound impact that the ruling could have on the upcoming election, it will be watched closely by legal experts and politicians alike.

What's going on?

The original ruling that pared back the use of ballot drop boxes across the state came when the state's high court had a 4-3 conservative majority.

Since the 2022 ruling, Democrats and liberal groups have worked overtime to convince the state's high court to take another look at the ruling with the hopes of reversing it ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The Examiner noted:

Democrats have been pushing hard to overturn the 2022 ruling, which limited the use of absentee ballot drop boxes solely to the offices of election clerks. Former President Donald Trump has falsely claimed that the widespread use of ballot drop boxes in 2020 led to voter fraud.

Republicans in the state have worked overtime to do just the opposite -- keep the 2022 ruling in place. Several conservative groups and politicians have filed briefs with the Wisconsin Supreme Court urging it to keep the 2022 ruling in place.

"I’m not hostile to looking at things differently," said Brian Schimming, chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, "but we’re six months away" from the election, and "we have a Supreme Court who feels as though they’re the second Legislature."

Social media reacts

Given the consequences of the ruling being overturned, many across social media reacted to the possibility.

"They’re setting the stage for another 2020. If clerks can alter election methods on a whim, what’s the point of having laws? SCOTUS needs to step in before this turns into a free-for-all," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "It's hard to ballot harvest without drop boxes. No ballot harvesting, no WI Democrat win."

Only time will tell what the final say will be, but it's not looking good for Republicans, as the liberal-controlled court will likely side with their own.

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