Liberal media outlets panic over Biden's dismal polling

 November 11, 2023

While Democrats had an overall victorious off-year election cycle, President Joe Biden continues to return dismal and alarming polling results for his 2024 campaign and Democrats in general.

Left-leaning media outlets are working overtime in an attempt to explain why Democrats won big and Biden continues to fall.

Slate was one of those outlets. In a recent piece titled "Democrats Just Won Big. So Why Do Polls Show Biden Getting Clobbered?," the outlet stated that Democrats prevailed on the issues in the recent elections, but Biden failed to address core issues for which he's taking heat.

"But to reverse his slide in time to win reelection, Biden must directly address the sources of his struggles, including lingering dissatisfaction with inflation and high interest rates," Slate noted.

Biden could get "clobbered"

The outlet pointed to a long list of Democratic victories last week, but noted that unless Biden gets his act together on core issues, he could get "clobbered" next year in the general election.

Slate also noted that the Democrats who won across the country last week did so in the wake of one of the most damning Sienna College polls to date that showed Biden losing to former President Donald Trump.

"The disjuncture between strong Democratic election performances since 2021 and the reality of Biden’s dismal public approval and horserace numbers raises two very difficult questions," the outlet wrote.

It added, "The first is whether Democrats are or are not slipping with key coalition groups like young people and voters of color, which would without question doom them to an apocalyptic night next November."

Slate then admitted that the problem could be Biden himself, questioning whether or not a fresh face this last in the game could change the outlook for the Dem Party.

"And the second, perhaps more unknowable question is if it is Joe Biden himself who is the problem and whether swapping him out for a different Democrat would put the party in a towering position for a sweeping win in 2024."

Blood in the water

Given Biden's woes, and the souring in what were once solid liberal media allies, many have suggested that a new Democratic candidate could give Democrats their only hope at winning.

Slate noted, "Would swapping Biden out for someone like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer solve this problem and give Democrats their long-awaited and hoped-for total repudiation of Trumpism."

Many others have suggested former first lady Michelle Obama would be a guaranteed homerun for the party. Others believe California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) could stand a chance.

While Biden has some notable challengers, there's yet to be a high-profile Democrat willing to take on the incumbent. However, that could soon change.

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