Liberal media triggered over judge dropping cost of Trump bond payment

 March 26, 2024

During an appearance on MSNBC's "José Díaz-Balart Reports," former New York assistant attorney general Tristian Snell expressed profound indignation over a judge's decision to reduce former President Trump's bond payment in the New York civil fraud case, suggesting that Trump enjoyed preferential treatment within the justice system.

Snell's frustration was palpable as he criticized the process leading to the decision, questioning its integrity and fairness.

The comments

"Do we even need to ask? Honestly, this is so infuriating I don’t even know what to do. I don’t even know if I care what the process is that these judges are arriving at. Whatever it is, it’s flawed. I can tell you that much," Snell remarked, highlighting what he perceived as a different set of rules for Trump.

"This is a different process for this person. We have decided that he gets his own private court of justice," he added.

Continuing his critique, Snell emphasized Trump's perceived privileges, referencing his private plane, clubs, and what Snell described as a "private militia" during the Capitol insurrection.

"Now he’s getting his own private system of justice," Snell complained, painting a picture of inequality within the legal system.

Snell further scrutinized the legal grounds of the decision, labeling it a "gross miscarriage of justice." Expressing doubt about any potential remedy, Snell conveyed skepticism about the fairness of the outcome, highlighting what he saw as an imbalance of power.

More liberals triggered

David Henderson, a former prosecutor, echoed Snell's sentiments during the interview, suggesting that Trump's treatment differed from that of ordinary citizens.

"The playbook is different for former President Trump... Here he’s given more time to pay less money. That’s what it comes down to," Henderson asserted, underscoring what he viewed as special treatment for Trump.

An appeals court recently revised Trump's bond payment to $175 million within 10 days, down from the initial $454 million. Despite the reduction, Trump pledged to comply with the appeals decision.

Letitia James too

"Donald Trump is still facing accountability for his staggering fraud. The court has already found that he engaged in years of fraud to falsely inflate his net worth and unjustly enrich himself, his family, and his organization," the New York attorney general said in a statement.

"The $464 million judgment – plus interest – against Donald Trump and the other defendants still stands," James continued.

The decision reignited debates about fairness, privilege, and the integrity of the legal system, leaving many questioning the consistency and impartiality of justice.

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