Liberal radio host suggests Biden has dementia, callers say they want Trump

 January 25, 2023

Conservative have long complained that mainstream media figures are biased towards Democrats. However, one prominent radio personality recently made clear that he has serious doubts about President Joe Biden. 

During last Friday's episode of "The Breakfast Club," host Charlamange tha God suggested that the president is suffering from dementia.

"I saw him talking to a ghost"

Charlamagne made the assertion as he spoke with with cohost DJ Envy and former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, asking, "Don’t y’all think it’s ambitious of Biden to be announcing his future plans?"

"Do you think he should be tested before he’s able to announce that he should be able to run?" Envy asked in response before claiming that the president is grappling with dementia, a contention with which Charlamagne agreed.

"There’s times where he looks confused"

When Cross asked if they could point to any evidence that Biden is cognitively impaired, Charlamagne quipped, "I saw him talking to a ghost!"

Breitbart speculated that Charlamagne's comment may have been made in reference to an incident this past fall when Biden was seen calling out to Indiana Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski. In fact, the lawmaker had died in a car accident a month earlier.

Envy agreed, stating, "Yeah, he was talking to a ghost, he forgets a lot, there’s times where he looks confused, doesn’t know where he’s walking. They write things on his hand and on napkins so he knows."

Radio caller: "I'd rather have Donald Trump"

Breitbart noted in an article published on Tuesday that some of the show's callers offered a low opinion of the president as well, with one saying, "I think Biden is a creep, he ain’t really doing s--t for us."

"I’d rather have Donald Trump, because he was very blunt, he was very upfront, he didn’t care what he said on TV," the caller admitted.

Another caller offered an unequivocal response when asked if Biden should try for another term, declaring, "No way! Not at all!"

"I think everybody can see it, all the incompetency, he’s not even aware of what’s going on," the caller went on to insist.

"Just like you guys said, the people are watching what’s going on. He’s incoherent. Charlamagne said it, everybody knows what’s going on with him, it’s a joke. I mean, to even really entertain the idea, it makes no sense at all."

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