Lindsay Graham says Democrats have a double standard for Supreme Court justices

 May 3, 2023

Justice Clarence Thomas was attacked after a left-wing news outlet accused him of on expensive vacations with s conservative mega donor. However, one lawmaker recently responded with an attack of his own.

According to the Daily Caller, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham lambasted liberals this week for going after Thomas despite having ignored questionable behavior by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg received million award from liberal group

Graham's comments came on Tuesday during a Senate Judiciary Committee, and he accused Democrats of employing a partisan double standard to to "destroy the legitimacy" of America's highest judicial body.

In particular, he pointed to their lack of outrage in 2019 when Ginsburg received the Berggruen Prize along with its $1 million award.

While Graham acknowledged that Ginsburg did not keep the money, she was permitted to donate it to organizations of her choosing.

Late justice helped activist group raise money

He also recalled how Democrats did not voice objections in 1998 when the liberal icon donated a signed copy of one of her decisions to the National Organization for Women (NOW) Legal Defense Fund to sell at a fundraiser.

NOW is a leftist organization that advocates on behalf of a number of controversial issues that have frequently come before the Supreme Court, including abortion and affirmative action.

Graham suggested that their reaction would be very different if the Supreme Court's Republican appointees were to begin accepting similar awards from conservative groups or help with political fundraising.

Graham: "All hell would break loose" if conservative justice acted similarly

"All hell would break loose in this country," the Republican senator declared before adding, "Why didn’t all hell break loose in 1998?…I think we all know the answer to that."

What's more, Graham pointed to how Ginsburg received an award from the Woman’s National Democratic Club in 2010 and asked, "Can you imagine what would happen if [Chief] Justice Roberts received the award from a Republican women’s club?"

"If you have any ideas or recommendations about how the court could be more transparent, count me in, that makes perfect sense to me," Graham told the committee's witnesses.

"But when you look at the history, the way things have happened with the court, when a liberal justice does something the reaction in the American media is completely different," he concluded.

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