Liz Cheney floats new 'conservative' party, says 'only regret' supporting Trump

December 6, 2023

Donald Trump just received a very flattering endorsement. 

One of the most unpopular (former) Republicans in the country, Liz Cheney, says her "only regret" is having ever supported Trump during her (rather brief) time in Congress.

Trump GLOWING endorsement....

She now says she is completely focused on stopping Trump, even if it means voting for Joe Biden or running for the White House herself.

Stunning and brave!

"I think that the situation that we're in is so grave, and the politics of the moment require independents and Republicans and Democrats coming together in a way that can help form a new coalition, so that may well be a third-party option," she told USA Today.

Cheney also appears to have finally come to terms with the fact that Republican voters don't miss the Bush-Cheney days.

What took her so long? 

"I certainly hope to play a role in helping to ensure that the country has ... a new, fully conservative party," she said.

"And so whether that means restoring the current Republican Party, which ... looks like a very difficult if not impossible task, or setting up a new party, I do hope to be involved and engaged in that."

Liz loses the plot!

Cheney became a hero to the left during her turn as the star Republican on the January 6th sham committee.

She has now drifted so far into MSNBC-land that she is telling the country that 2024 might be the last election ever, if Trump wins.

Nothing like a little deranged hyperbole to show how serious you are, right, Liz?

According to Cheney, Trump will rule the country like a tyrant if the people vote him back in. This is a widely shared belief among her fellow travelers on the left, who seem to sincerely think the survival of democracy depends on the people having their president chosen for them.

Re-electing Biden?

Cheney's big plan to save "our democracy" is to help re-elect Joe Biden - the most radical president in American history, a man who uses the justice system to hide his flagrant corruption and target his political enemies like some Latin American dictator.

How conservative and principled of her.

Oh, and can it be just a coincidence that Cheney is promoting a new book?

In any case, Cheney is irrelevant now - she just hasn't realized it yet.

Best of luck,'re going to need it!

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