Long Island prosecutor open probe of embattled Republican George Santos amid calls for resignation

 December 28, 2022

Long Island Republican Rep.-elect George Santos is under rising pressure from the right and the left, with a local prosecutor opening up a criminal probe as Democrats loudly demand his resignation for fabricating details of his personal biography.

The Republican District Attorney from Nassau County, where part of Santos' district lies, announced an investigation Wednesday into Santos' "stunning" misrepresentations about his life and career.

Republican under pressure

The clamor began when the New York Times reported that Santos had invented important details about his work history and education during his successful campaign in New York's 3rd District.

Santos, who is Catholic, has since admitted to making fabrications, telling the New York Post that he "never claimed to be Jewish" but rather, "Jew-ish [emphasis added]."

Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly announced a probe, calling Santos' misrepresentations "nothing short of stunning."

"No one is above the law and if a crime was committed in this county, we will prosecute it," Donnelly said.

Democrats up in arms

Santos was elected as part of a mini red wave that swept New York in last month's elections, carrying Republicans to victory in all four of Long Island's congressional districts.

Nick LaLota, the Republican Rep.-elect from Long Island's East End, has joined those calling for an investigation into his colleague.

“Over the last few weeks I have heard from countless Long Islanders how deeply troubled they are by the headlines surrounding George Santos,” LaLota said. “New Yorkers deserve the truth and House Republicans deserve an opportunity to govern without this distraction.”

Democrats are up in arms, saying Santos must not be seated when the new Congress convenes next week. There does not appear to be any legal remedy to meet that extraordinary demand, however, since Santos was qualified to run under the Constitution.

Refusing to budge

Despite the bi-partisan pushback, Santos has refused to budge. When guest host and former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard asked Santos whether he had any "shame" during an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he replied that Democrats "resoundingly" support Joe Biden, a prolific liar.

"I think humans are flawed, and we all make mistakes, Tulsi," he said.

House Republicans, who will soon have a razor-thin majority, have been mostly quiet, but some have come to Santos' defense, including Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA).

"Tulsi says that George's actions on the House floor are what is most important, but George has not even had the chance to take action for his district on the House floor because he isn't even sworn in yet," she said.

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