Longtime Biden aide Olivia Dalton leaving for Apple job, as Biden faces tough re-election battle

 February 27, 2024

A longtime aide to Joe Biden is quitting his administration just months before the most pivotal moment of his political career.

Olivia Dalton, Deputy Press Secretary, has told White House officials she plans to leave in March for a job at Apple.

Dalton's ties to Biden go back to 2006, when she worked as a deputy press secretary for him while he was a senator.

Longtime Biden aide quits

It's unclear if Biden remembers who Dalton is, but the White House sent her their well wishes regardless.

“Olivia will be missed by this entire building for her leadership, loyalty, intelligence and collegiality. We wish her all the best and look forward to watching her continued success,” White House adviser Anita Dunn said in a statement.

Dalton boasts years of experience in government and liberal nonprofits, including the prominent LGBT group Human Rights Campaign.

The 40-year-old Georgetown grad was Michelle Obama's Press Secretary during Barack Obama's re-election campaign, and she was the press secretary for two years in Obama's Department of Transportation.

She became deputy press secretary for the Biden administration in 2022 when Karin Jean-Pierre was promoted to press secretary. Jean-Pierre called Dalton a "stalwart fighter for President Biden."

Through the revolving door

Biden's first press secretary, Jen Psaki, left for a cable news gig at MSNBC, where she has continued to faithfully support the administration.

It is now Dalton's turn to step through the revolving door and into a high-level private sector job.

Apple Inc. is known for its left-wing bias and coziness with China. The corporation settled a $25 million lawsuit last year for giving preference to foreign workers in hiring.

Dalton's career move comes as her boss, Joe Biden, is in danger of losing his own role this November, with polls showing a tight race between Biden and Republican rival Donald Trump.

The elephant in the room

Doubts about Biden's age have become irrepressible after Dems spent three years ignoring the elephant in the room.

There is even speculation that Biden could be replaced at the top of the Democratic ticket, although how this would be accomplished so late in the game is unclear.

What's certain is that Biden's administration is going to be very busy spinning lies over the next eight months.

To Dalton's credit, that must get exhausting.

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