Longtime Trump attorney Alina Habba taken off high-profile NY AG case

 July 9, 2023

Alina Habba, an attorney who has represented Donald Trump in a host of different matter over the years, has been removed from the team working on the New York attorney general's case against the former president and the Trump Organization and will move to a new role with the Save America Leadership PAC, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The move comes as Habba's performance in recent months has courted scrutiny in some circles, particularly about statements she has made regarding the federal classified documents case currently pending against Trump.

New role announced

Habba's new direction was revealed in a press release issued Friday by the Trump campaign, which explained that she will now serve as the legal spokesperson and general counsel to Save America.

The communication indicated that while the Habba Madaio Law Firm will remain involved with various legal matters in which Trump is embroiled, Habba herself will withdraw from representation of the former president in the New York attorney general-initiated case.

Instead, Habba will devote her energies to working as the media representative on legal matters related to the PAC, and the appointment is effective immediately.

Commenting on the adjustment in duties was Steven Cheung, communications director for the campaign, who said, “Alina has worked diligently and tirelessly on many of the witch-hunt cases that have been unfairly brought against President Trump.”

Courting criticism

Though Habba has long been a trusted part of Trump's legal arsenal, she ran into some difficulties earlier this year when she was asked to explain her client's defense strategy in the classified documents retention case, as the Daily Beast explained at the time.

Habba was grilled about an audio tape that some allege captures the moment Trump improperly shared a “highly confidential” document containing what he called “secret information.”

After Trump himself seemed to offer contradictory explanations for what occurred, Fox News' Lawrence Jones inquired of Habba, “Is it the position of the president that when he was having that conversation [that] the information he was talking about was already declassified or was it what he told Brett Baier: that it was a news article there?”

Habba's arguably uninspiring response began, “I don't know. And here's what I do know: the clip they put out doesn't answer that question.” With regard to Trump's prior statements about when he had the power to declassify materials, she added, “All [the recording] says is President Trump said, 'Hi, look, if I was president I can declassify a classified document and when you're not president you can't. Only the president can do that. What does that say? Well, it says exactly what dual system of justice we're living in. That's what I heard. That's what I saw.”

Meteoric rise

A recent New York Post profile of Habba chronicled her journey from being a “relatively unknown civil litigation attorney to a national name,” a trajectory she owes in large part to her relationship with Trump, which began in 2021.

Described as a “glamorous former fashion executive,” the 39-year-old mother of three is, according to the outlet, also one of Trump's closest confidantes and has played a key role in a number of his legal entanglements.

Though detractors have suggested that Habba was only hired by Trump because of her good looks and partisan leanings, the daughter of Iraqi Christian immigrant parents has fired back at the suggestion, declaring that she is a committed warrior in the fight to vindicate the rule of law.

“I'm not political. What I am is a good American, who just can't believe what I am seeing in terms of the corruption that has taken over this country,” Habba said, certainly demonstrating her bona fides to be an effective public face for Trump's Save America PAC.

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