A 'lost' and 'confused' Biden rushed back inside White House by first lady after Cinco de Mayo speech

 May 8, 2024

The decline of President Joe Biden's physical and mental health has become unmistakable to many Americans -- so much so that even the first lady and White House are unable to hide it any longer.

On Monday, while celebrating the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo at the White House, Biden appeared to be "lost" and "confused" at the end of his speech and needed guidance from his wife to find his way back inside the building, according to Australia's Sky News.

Notably, despite a large gathering of attendees in the Rose Garden for the event, the president was immediately rushed back inside following his remarks instead of spending time mingling with and greeting his guests.

Biden guided off stage by the first lady

Looking confused and lost on stage after his Cinco de Mayo reception speech at the White House Rose Garden was not President Biden's only problem on Monday, as his tendency to utter gaffes also reared its head a time or two.

Throughout his remarks, Biden butchered the names of several honored guests, mispronounced or slurred numerous words and phrases, and even messed up some of his oft-repeated false or out-of-context attacks on his predecessor and rival, former President Donald Trump.

As for his apparent need for assistance in finding his way after his speech was concluded, Sky News noted that social media reactions ranged from humorous to concerned to downright angry.

One user suggested the installation of "bumper rails" for the president so he could "walk and bounce along" but "eventually" end up "where they need" him to be. Another user suggested the first lady should be "arrested for elder abuse," while another was astonished that the White House "shuffled him off to the broom closet" to avoid interactions with the event's guests.

A recurring theme

This is not the first time that first lady Biden has felt compelled to assist her "lost and confused" presidential husband as he "wanders aimlessly" on stage after delivering a speech, as the U.S. Daily Express reported on exactly such an occurrence in January.

Following a gaffe-filled speech in Pennsylvania, Biden headed in the wrong direction to exit the stage, only to be saved by his wife, who rushed to his side and whispered something in his ear as she grabbed his hand and finally guided him in the right direction.

Nor was that an isolated incident or even particularly new, as the Washington Free Beacon published a video in 2022 that was comprised of nothing more than a compilation of clips of Biden wandering around lost on stage at public appearances.

American voters have serious doubts about Biden's physical and mental fitness

The marked deterioration of President Biden's physical and mental capabilities has become so obvious and accelerated over the past few years -- certainly since his time as a senator and vice president, but even just since the 2020 campaign -- that the first lady and White House have no legitimate hope of hiding it from the American people any longer.

Those efforts were already failing miserably, though, as an NBC News poll in February found that a combined 76% of registered voters -- including 54% of Democrats -- had "major" or "moderate" concerns about Biden lacking the "necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term."

Likewise, Pew Research found in April that just 37% and 34% of Americans had any confidence whatsoever that Biden had the mental and physical fitness, respectively, that is required to effectively do the job of the presidency.

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