Louisville prosecutors drop criminal charges against PGA golfer Scottie Scheffler, judge dismissed the case

 May 30, 2024

Top professional golfer Scottie Scheffler was arrested on felony assault charges two weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky while arriving at a PGA Tour event in the early morning hours after he allegedly struck a police officer with his vehicle and drug him along the ground causing minor injuries.

The case was dismissed on Wednesday by a Louisville judge, however, after the local county prosecutor announced that the criminal charges against Scheffler would no longer be pursued, Breitbart reported.

In the end, it was agreed upon by all sides that, regardless of what multiple videos may or may not show, the entire incident was little more than a "big misunderstanding" that got blown out of proportion.

Scheffler arrested and criminally charged

On the morning of May 17, traffic was backed up outside the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville following an earlier fatal accident involving a PGA vendor, which led to Scheffler attempting to drive through and around the other vehicles to reach the clubhouse ahead of his scheduled tee time.

Multiple videos released on social media show Scheffler being rapidly approached and stopped by Louisville Metro Police Department Officer Bryan Gillis, who initially claimed the golfer refused to stop and instead struck and injured him with his vehicle and proceeded to arrest him -- claims that appeared dubious once the videos were released.

Nonetheless, Scheffler was booked and released that morning with four criminal charges, including second-degree assault on a police officer.

Charges dropped, case dismissed

In court on Wednesday, however, ESPN reported that Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell told the judge, "Based upon the totality of the evidence, my office cannot move forward in the prosecution of the charges filed against Mr. Scheffler."

"Mr. Scheffler's characterization that this was a 'big misunderstanding' is corroborated by the evidence. The evidence we reviewed supports the conclusion that Detective Gillis was concerned for public safety at the scene when he initiated contact with Mr. Scheffler," he added. "However, Mr. Scheffler's actions and the evidence surrounding their exchange during this misunderstanding do not satisfy the elements of any criminal offenses."

Given the lack of charges, the presiding judge proceeded to dismiss the case and ended Scheffler's legal ordeal.

In response to the dropped charges, Scheffler said in a statement on social media, "I hold no ill will toward Officer [Bryan] Gillis. I wish to put this incident behind me and move on, and I hope he will do the same," and added, "Police officers have a difficult job and I hold them in high regard. This was a severe miscommunication in a chaotic situation."

Scheffler's attorney was prepared to fully litigate the matter

ESPN further reported that the golfer's attorney, Steve Romines, was not quite so forgiving, though, as he reiterated to the outlet his intentions to not only fully litigate the criminal charges if pursued but also to file a civil suit against the LMPD alleging violations of Scheffler's rights.

At the same time that the charges were dropped, however, a new video was released that appeared to show Scheffler agreeing with LMPD officers that he should have stopped when commanded. When pressed by a reporter about those comments, though, Romines delivered a fierce reply and claimed his client had been "interrogated" at the scene with "leading questions," which led the attorney to loudly proclaim, "And that's why you don't talk to the police, because they are going to try to put words in your mouth."

The local reporter who shared that video also posted a statement from Detective Gillis that agreed there was "no ill will" against Scheffler after the charges were dropped. ESPN noted that the LMPD had disciplined Gillis for not activating his bodycam during the encounter with and arrest of the golfer.

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