LPGA legend Kathy Whitworth passes away

 December 26, 2022

Professional golf fans were left mourning this past weekend after sport legend Kathy Whitworth passed away at the age of 83.  

According to Fox News, Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour commissioner Mollie Marcoux Samaan announced Whitworth's death in a joint statement with her longtime partner Bettye Odle.

"Most incredible women"

"It is with a heart full of love that we let everyone know of the passing of the winningest Golf Professional ever, Kathy Whitworth," Odle was quoted as saying.

"Kathy passed suddenly Saturday night celebrating Christmas Eve with family and friends," she continued. "Kathy left this world the way she lived her life, loving, laughing and creating memories."

Meanwhile, Marcoux Samaan hailed Whitworth, who won an LPGA Tour record 88 times, as being one of golf's "most incredible women."

"Kathy was a champion in the truest sense of the word, both on the golf course and off," the LPGA official explained in her statement.

"Blown away"

"In the short time I spent with Kathy, I was truly blown away by her and her approach to the game and to life," Marcoux Samaan stressed.

The sports official went on to say that Whitworth's "strength, insightfulness and vibrancy were obvious from the minute you met her!"

"She inspired me as a young girl and now as the commissioner and I know she did the same for so many others. We all mourn with Bettye, her family and the entire golf world," Marcoux Samaan concluded.

"Golf's greatest winner"

Tributes to Whitworth were posted on social media following her death, including from former college golfer and documentary filmmaker Nicole Gaddie. She called Whitworth "golf's greatest winner."

Sports reporter Rachel Bleier spoke up as well, tweeting that Whitworth "had one of the sweetest swings you ever did see."

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