LSU basketball star collapses during White House visit

 May 27, 2023

Fox News reports that one of the members of Louisiana State University's (LSU) women's basketball team collapsed during the team's recent visit to the White House. 

The player who collapsed is Sa'Myah Smith, the forward for the LSU Tigers who averaged 4.6 points per game this year.


Smith and her fellow teammates were visiting the White House upon invitation. The invitation was extended after the team won this year's NCAA championship. It was the first time that the LSU Tigers achieved this feat.

Initially, there was some uncertainty about whether LSU would accept the invitation from the White House. This stemmed from a controversy that broke out after First Lady Jill Biden suggested that the White House also invite the runner-up - Iowa's women's basketball team - to the White House as well.

The LSU Tigers, however, did end up accepting the White House invitation. And, on Wednesday, a commemoratory event was held in the East Room of the White House. The event included a speech by President Joe Biden.

Cutting off the president

Smith's collapse was caught on video. It occurred right in the middle of Biden's speech. Take a look:

In the above video, you cannot actually see Smith pass out. But, you can hear and see what happened when she did.

The video starts off with Biden saying, "[we] will host the UConn men's basketball team later today, and they're the men's champs." It was at this point that Smith passed out. She was located just behind Biden, standing with her fellow teammates.

Biden, once he realized what was going on behind him, stopped his speech as the White House's medical staff responded to the situation. Smith was eventually taken out of the room in a wheelchair. And, the event resumed, with Biden saying:

This is not the first time it has happened. White House guests have fainted in the past and required a checkup at a doctor’s office built into the executive mansion.

"Doing a lot better"

WBRZ Sports Director Michael Cauble spoke with Smith later on in the day on Wednesday.

When asked how she was doing, Smith replied:

Doing a lot better... I do remember telling one of my coaches, I was like 'yeah I think I might just pass out. It was kind of hot and we were standing for a while.

It is unclear whether there was anything more to Smith's collapse than this.

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