Luggage-swiper Sam Brinton avoids jail time in first two cases against him

 January 2, 2024

Former Biden administration nuclear waste official Sam Brinton, who resigned in disgrace after being arrested twice for stealing high-end luggage from airports, has managed to avoid jail time on both arrests.

Brinton was arrested in October 2022 for stealing more than $2,000 in luggage from a luggage carousel at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport after flying there for a conference from Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C.

He was allowed to enter a diversion program on those charges by agreeing to a mental health evaluation, writing an apology letter to the victim, return the stolen luggage, and do three days of community service.

If he completes the program, the charges will be stricken from his record.

Arrested again

He was subsequently arrested again for another luggage theft in December, this time from the Harry Reid airport in Las Vegas, with the value of the luggage and items being over $3,000 this time.

This time, he was charged with grand larceny.

Despite the serious charge, however, he got a 180-day suspended sentence and was ordered to pay the victim $3761 plus another $500 in fees.

The judge in that case, Clark County Judge Ann Zimmerman, warned Brinton to "stay out of trouble" or he would face the suspended sentence.

Yet another case

There is still a third case against Brinton that has not been settled, which goes back to a 2018 alleged theft by Brinton, which also involves a lawsuit against him.

Asya Khamsin saw photos of Brinton in the media after the first two arrests and said he was wearing her custom designs, including jewelry and clothing, that was stolen with her luggage in 2018.

“I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” Khamsin told Fox News at the time. “He wore my clothes, which was stolen.

Her statements led to Brinton's arrest by Maryland and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police officers in May, and her lawsuit was filed subsequently.

A hearing in that case is set for March 2024, but Brinton ended 2023 a free man despite the numerous charges.

It's quite clear he has a serious problem along with a huge case of entitlement to have committed at least these three thefts, along with who knows how many more.

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