Main benefactor of Hunter Biden's legal defense retreats

 May 20, 2024

Hunter Biden, his father, his friends, his allies, and the rest of liberal America is probably panicking at the move.

Kevin Morris, the financial backing behind Hunter Biden's legal defense, is no longer willing to continue as the main financier of Hunter Biden's lavish lifestyle.

Hunter Biden is in serious trouble. It's so bad, that the people in his circle are seriously contemplating whether or not they need to set up a legal defense fund to pay for his legal fees.

It's an interesting problem for Hunter Biden to find himself in, as he places most of his personal worth in his ability to make money. He brags about the value he brings to various companies and has boasted about the salary he could bring in from any law firm in America.

Interestingly though, when it comes time to pay, Hunter Biden NEVER has the money.

It happened with his daughter.

Just because a child isn't birthed under the most ideal of circumstances does NOT mean that the child's father should simply be able to pretend that child doesn't exist. That's exactly what Hunter Biden has done with his daughter, Navy Joan Roberts.

Sure, Navy Joan Roberts was born out of wedlock and mothered by a stripper, two things that Hunter Biden might want to put behind him. However, Navy Joan Roberts is STILL Hunter Biden's daughter, but Hunter and the rest of the family refuse to acknowledge her.

Jill Biden hangs a stocking for every grandchild except for Navy at Christmas to hammer home the point that the family does NOT accept her. Hunter Biden refuses to allow the girl to use his last name, despite any "success" he's had in his own life coming off the back of his father's "accomplishments."

When it came time to pay child support, Hunter Biden suddenly claimed he didn't know how to make money any longer, saying he was too broke to satisfy the amount that the mother and her lawyers thought Hunter should be paying.

Now it's happening with his legal fees.

Of course, Hunter Biden isn't taking responsibility for the problems he created, he's having somebody else pay for all of the problems Hunter has created.

That man was Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer. There's just one problem with that plan: Kevin Morris is running out of money and refuses to finance Hunter Biden any longer.

With Hunter Biden refusing to pay for anything himself, his team and his family would be right to panic. To make matters worse, this family embarrassment is playing out in public view just months before the biggest presidential election in American history.

The moral of the story is that we should have trusted Donald Trump's opinion of Hunter Biden since the beginning. Hunter Biden is a slimy man with no morals.

We should have been able to tell that by looking at who Hunter's father is.

Do you think that Hunter Biden will be able to save himself in this legal fight, or could this finally be the end of the road for our president's corrupt son? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

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