Maine judge lets Trump stay on the ballot, pending Supreme Court decision

 January 18, 2024

Donald Trump will remain on the ballot in Maine, for now, after a top judge in the state said she would wait for the Supreme Court to resolve the controversy surrounding the 14th Amendment's "insurrection" language.

Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy declined to weigh Trump's appeal Wednesday, saying Trump can stay on the ballot until the Supreme Court has its say.

“This is a correct action, and we remain steadfast in our opposition to these bad-faith shams. President Trump is confident that we will ultimately prevail with a fair ruling on the issues in front of the Supreme Court,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement.

Trump ballot decision...

The Colorado Supreme Court took the unprecedented step in December of ruling Trump ineligible to be president, citing the 14th Amendment's so-called "insurrection clause."

Maine's secretary of state Shenna Bellows, a Democrat who is not elected, followed suit, unilaterally finding Trump ineligible because of the January 6th riot.

To date, Colorado and Maine are the only states where 14th Amendment claims against Trump have succeeded.

Trump has appealed in both states, and the Supreme Court is expected to weigh the Colorado case on February 8.

“Put simply, the United States Supreme Court’s acceptance of the Colorado case changes everything about the order in which these issues should be decided, and by which court,” Murphy wrote in her 17-page ruling.

“And while it is impossible to know what the Supreme Court will decide, hopefully it will at least clarify what role, if any, state decision-makers, including secretaries of state and state judicial officers, play in adjudicating claims of disqualification brought under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” her ruling continued.

The Dems' attack on democracy

Democrats have cheered the 14th Amendment effort in the name of "democracy," but Trump and his defenders have blasted it as a dangerous and undemocratic effort to rig the 2024 election.

In a petition Thursday, Trump asked the Supreme Court for a "swift" end to the 14th Amendment effort.

"The Court should put a swift and decisive end to these ballot-disqualification efforts, which threaten to disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans and which promise to unleash chaos and bedlam if other state courts and state officials follow Colorado’s lead and exclude the likely Republican presidential nominee from their ballots,” Trump’s lawyers wrote to the justices.

The state primaries in Colorado and Maine fall on March 5, Super Tuesday, but ballot printing deadlines are happening this month.

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