Maine's high court rejects appeal to rule on Trump's ballot removal

 January 26, 2024

Liberal groups and individuals are still attempting to have former President Donald Trump removed from as many state ballots as possible, but it's not exactly going in their favor. 

According to ABC News, one of the latest attempts to have Trump removed from the ballot happened in Maine, and the state's high court just announced it refuses to hear the case while a similar case from another state is already being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Secretary of State Shenna Bellows determined on her own that Trump shouldn't be included on the state's primary ballot based on language in the 14th Amendment.

She's now using legal maneuvers in the hopes that the state's high court will expedite a decision on the matter.

Not going her way

The Maine Supreme Court had originally deferred the case in the wake of Trump's lawyers appealing the decision.

Bellows reportedly appealed the deferral with the hope that "it might speed up the judicial process ahead of the state's primary date, but the Court on Wednesday declined to hear the challenge because the Maine Superior Court's decision was not a "final" judgment, just a deferment."

"Because the appeal is not from a final judgment, we dismiss the appeal as interlocutory and not justiciable," Maine's high court said.

It added, "Requiring a final judgment in this situation serves the interests of justice; enhances administrative and judicial efficiency; averts our issuance of what would likely be, at least in some part, an advisory opinion; and it allows for true and effective decision-making when the matter is ripe."

Bellows, a non-lawyer, isn't exactly having much in the way of success with the unprecedented matter that will require the country's top legal minds to figure out.

Many believe she would be better served staying in her proverbial lane.

Social media reacts

Trump and his lawyers celebrated the state's high court's ruling on the matter. They described it as a "disenfranchisement effort" that was "soundly rejected by Maine's Supreme Court."

Social media users agreed with the decision.

"Thank goodness. Some sanity," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Maine and Colorado are interfering with the election, I wonder how many are democrats."

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