Mainstream media outlets cut away from Trump's post-guilty verdict speech

 June 1, 2024

The New York Times reports that several mainstream media outlets decided to cut away from former President Donald Trump's speech on Friday. 

This was the speech that Trump gave at Trump Towers following the jury's guilty verdict in the so-called hush-money case.

As you, the reader, probably knows, this is far from the first time that mainstream media outlets have cut away from a Trump speech. As usual, the outlets are claiming that this was necessary to protect Americans from all of  the alleged lies told by Trump.

Here's how the Times puts it:

It was the latest example of television journalists having to weigh the news value of a major political moment — in this case, the criminal conviction of a former president — against the challenges of reporting on a candidate who regularly speaks in falsehoods.

The details

Fox News, according to the Times, was the only mainstream media outlet to air Trump's remarks in their entirety. Every other mainstream outlet either cut away early or refused to cover the speech altogether.

The Times reports, "ABC and CBS did not interrupt their regular shows."

CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, however, did. CNN, according to the outlet broadcast Trump's remarks for about 18 minutes before cutting him off to do some "fact-checking."

It was a similar story for NBC and MSNBC, except that they broadcast Trump's speech for about 20 minutes before cutting away. MSNBC even put a message on their screens that read, "Trump Post-Verdict Remarks Riddled With Lies and Attacks."

The New York Times, for its part, gave Trump about six minutes before cutting away.

What was so bad about Trump's speech?

If you were unable to watch Trump's speech, you can find the speech in its entirety here.

If you take a quick look on the internet, you will find that it is very hard to either find the speech or to find unbiased reporting about the speech.

But, in general, Trump said exactly what anyone would have expected him to say - the same sort of things that he has been saying for years, including that the trial was rigged and politically motivated - a claim, by the way - that even many left-leaning legal experts agree with.

Trump also repeated his claim that the Biden administration was behind the trial, which appears to have really gotten under the skin of leftist outlets. Just about all of them posted fact-checks of this claim, insisting that it is untrue.

The question is why these outlets are so scared of letting Americans make up their minds for themselves. Could it be that it is because Americans might come to realize that Trump is not as evil as leftists make him out to be? We'll leave that for you to decide.

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