Poll shows majority of Americans approve of House GOP plans to investigate Biden family foreign business dealings

 December 3, 2022

Shortly after the midterm elections, top House Republicans announced their intention to thoroughly investigate Hunter Biden and his abandoned laptop for any evidence that links President Joe Biden to his son's questionable foreign business dealings.

Those plans were widely panned by Democrats and their media allies, but a new poll shows that a substantial majority of American voters would support the GOP probes into the Biden family dealings, the Tampa Free Press reported.

The Republicans made it clear that the focus of the committee investigations would be less on Hunter Biden troubled lifestyle choices and more on whether Joe Biden had corruptly profited or been unduly influenced or compromised by his son's dubious deals with foreign individuals, companies, and governments.

Americans approve of planned Biden family probes

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely voters on Nov. 22, with a margin of error of 3 percent, and asked a series of questions regarding Hunter Biden, his abandoned laptop, and the planned House Republican-led committee investigations.

It found that 62 percent of Americans approved of the House GOP plans, including 42 percent who "strongly" approve, compared to 34 percent who disapproved and 23 percent who "strongly" disapproved of the impending probes.

As to whether President Biden was "compromised" by Hunter's dealings with foreign nations, particularly China, 61 percent said that it was "likely," including 44 percent who said it was "very likely," while 34 percent thought that it was unlikely that the president was "compromised" by his son's foreign business dealings.

Predictably enough, there was a noticeable partisan divide in the responses to the pollsters, though it was noted that a majority of independent or unaffiliated voters sided with Republicans in support of the congressional committee investigations, as did more than a third of Democrats.

Of those who approve of the Biden family probes, 86 percent were Republican, 63 percent were independent from either party, and 37 percent were Democrats. Conversely, 59 percent of Democrats disapproved of the planned probes, as did 31 percent of unaffiliated voters and 13 percent of Republicans.

Was Biden compromised or was national security placed at risk by family dealings?

The New York Post reported on Nov. 17 on a press conference held by top House Republicans that was led by Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH), the respective likely incoming chairmen of the House Oversight Committee and House Judiciary Committee.

The primary intent of the probes is to determine whether President Biden "is a security risk and whether he is compromised by foreign governments" by way of the "shady" business dealings with foreigners conducted by his son Hunter and brother James, among others in the Biden family.

"Our investigation is about Joe Biden," Comer insisted. "Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals and is he compromised? That’s our investigation." He clarified, "We’re not trying to prove Hunter Biden is a bad actor. He is."

"Joe Biden told the American people he had nothing to do with and never had conversations with his family about their business dealings. That was a lie," the Kentucky Republican added. “To be clear, Joe Biden is the 'big guy.'"

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