Majority believe Biden involved in 'illegal influence peddling scheme' during vice presidency

 May 23, 2023

A majority of voters who responded to a Harvard-Harris poll in mid-May believe that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were involved in an "illegal influence peddling scheme" during Joe Biden's vice presidency.

Sixty-three percent of the poll's registered voter respondents said they believed Hunter Biden was involved in influence peddling and tax fraud. Even more than 40% of Democrats agreed with this statement.

When it comes to the president, 53% said they thought he was involved in the scheme, but 75% of Democrats said they didn't think he was involved.

Most poll respondents (55%) also thought the FBI was being negligent in investigating Hunter Biden's laptop and "foreign business dealings."

Trump still ahead

A huge majority, 70%, said they were very or somewhat concerned about “interference by the FBI and intelligence agencies in a future presidential election.”

Additionally, large majorities in all parties said they think “wide-ranging reform” is needed in the government to make sure it doesn't interfere with future elections.

The poll showed continued weakness in support for Biden's re-election, with former President Donald Trump polling at 47% compared to Biden's 40%.

Trump would also best Kamala Harris in a presidential race 50% to 39%.

Worst candidates ever

Despite the public disdain of many for Trump, there seems to be an acknowledgment, at least currently, that he is a better leader for the country than Biden.

It remains to be seen whether further indictments that may be coming will weaken the former president or be shrugged off as politically motivated, if they materialize.

There is plenty of time for polls to flip, but it would be the first time in history that voters could see clear signs of mental diminishment and weakness in a candidate but still (re)-elected him to be the leader of the free world.

In a choice between arguably the worst two candidates available for the 2024 election, the mean tweeter and election denier may very well win because at least he doesn't make the country look weak or want to "tax and spend" us into oblivion.

Common sense

Independent voters, who often make the difference in who wins national elections, have enough common sense to realize that another six years of Biden could be a disaster, and Harris would not be any better even if she doesn't have dementia.

It's just too bad Trump and Biden are sucking up all the oxygen in their respective parties, because there are better candidates like Ron DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the wings.

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Thomas Jefferson
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