Majority of Democrats say they are 'seriously concerned' Biden's age will affect his competence

 September 12, 2023

A majority of Democrats, 56%, said in a CNN poll conducted by independent research company SSRS that they are "seriously concerned" that President Joe Biden's age will affect his “current level of physical and mental competence."

Including all voters, 73% said they were seriously concerned about the impact of Biden's age on his mental and physical competence.

Almost half, 49%, of Democrats  and left-leaning independents said Biden's age was their biggest concern about him remaining president or being re-elected. That option got by far the biggest response of any given, with mental competence and his ability to do the job being the next-highest responses at 7% each.

Biden is 80 and will be 82 by the time he takes office in 2025 if re-elected. He will be 86 if he serves an entire second term.

Another 4 years

Biden appeared scattered and forgetful even as he campaigned in 2020, but was able to limit his public appearances due to COVID-19.

A combination of loosened voting rules, unfair suppression of stories about the Hunter Biden laptop, and two spurious impeachments led Biden to a victory over then-incumbent Donald Trump.

But now, Biden appears positively frail and disoriented just about every time he is in public, wandering around like he doesn't know where he is and stumbling frequently over his words during speeches.

Democrats think they can do it again, and have already started floating the idea of some kind of government "emergency" to allow them to once again change voting rules in 2024.

The idea of starting over from scratch with a new candidate has been frightening to party leaders, and they want to avoid looking racist by not choosing Vice President Kamala Harris as that replacement (her poll numbers are even worse than Biden's).

Being between a rock and a hard place, with their only strong candidate (Michelle Obama) unwilling to run, they seem to be sticking with Biden despite his tremendous weaknesses as a candidate.

More polls

But the CNN poll is only one of several in which Democrat voters are beginning to show frustration with Biden's age--a Wall Street Journal poll said last week that two-thirds of Democrats think Biden is too old to run again.

It's becoming a widely acknowledged fact that Biden is too old to be an effective president, but too few Democrats seem to know what to do with this idea.

It's one thing to say you think Biden's too old, but it's another to vote for Trump instead, assuming he becomes the nominee.

Most Democrats dislike Trump more than Biden, making it difficult indeed to reject Biden when it means electing Trump.

Still, there seems to be no other way to send Biden a message conveying their sentiments, however.

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