Man accused of attempting to kill Supreme Court justice still has no trial date

 October 27, 2023

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh made headlines last year after an armed man named Nicholas Roske was arrested outside of his home.

Yet despite it being more than 500 days since the suspect was taken into custody, no trial date has been set. 

Legal observers expect a plea deal

That's according to The Washington Times, which cited legal experts who believe that Roske's attorneys are negotiating over some kind of a plea arrangement.

They include Robert Patillo, a civil rights lawyer who sits on the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' board. Patillo was quoted as saying, "More than likely, this is going to end up in a plea."

However, the Times spoke with other observers who speculated that the defendant's legal team may be undergoing mental health reviews should he need to mount an insanity defense.

Brown Rudnick LLP lawyer Jonathan Fahey previously served as a prosecutor, and he suggested that neither side has an incentive for a speedy trial, stating, "This is not the type of case that time would spoil the evidence."

Roske found with a gun and other weapons

"It isn’t unfair to have him locked up in a speedy trial sense since the case is strong and he will likely be convicted and sentenced to prison time so keeping him locked up pre-trial doesn’t harm him," Fahey told the Times.

"It was probably also agreed to and he’ll likely get credit for the time he has served," the former prosecutor went on to explain.

Fox News reported last year that Roske pleaded not guilty to one count of attempting to assassinate a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The network noted that he was found to have a knife, pistol, ammunition, zip ties, pepper spray, duct tape, and other items after being apprehended.

Group publicized school that conservative justice sends her children to

Roske allegedly told police that he was planning to kill Kavanaugh in retaliation for the Supreme Court having ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion.

A month following Roske's arrest, Fox News reported that Kavanaugh was forced to flee from a Washington, D.C. restaurant after a mob of demonstrators showed up.

Kavanaugh and other conservative Supreme Court justices also had to contend with protestors showing up outside of their homes.

What's more, the pro-abortion group Ruth Sent Us publicized the elementary school that Justice Amy Coney Barrett sends her children to.

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