Man Accused Of Threatening Jewish US Senator Is Indicted

December 3, 2023

U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen and her family can rest a little bit easier now.

The man arrested for threatening them has been officially indicted.

In November, a Las Vegas man was arrested on suspicious of making antisemitic threats against Rosen and her family.

Rosen, a Democrat from Nevada, is Jewish and has been openly pro-Israel since the conflict between our allies and the terrorist organization Hamas began.

The indictment of the Las Vegas man does not specifically mention Jacky Rosen, but Rosen's office confirmed to the Associated Press that she and her family had been target by John Miller.

John Miller is an age 43 man from Las Vegas. He's being charged with one count of threatening a federal official and two counts of influencing, impeding or retaliating against a federal official by threatening a family member.

Sorry, John.

America's government generally doesn't like you threatening their employees.

Even if Miller had somehow been in the right, fighting a battle against the government is always going to be a losing effort for ordinary citizens.

Especially when liberals are involved, although I don't know how much party affiliation had to do with this particular case.

Court records show that Miller is definitely in serious hot water, complete with also being "accused of threatening the family of another unnamed U.S. senator." reached out to the public defender representing Miller to try to here John's side of the story, but didn't get a response.

John Miller allegedly made more than one threatening calls and voicemails containing antisemetic slurs to Rosen last month. Some of them specifically addressed the Israel versus Hamas conflict currently going on as well as the Holocaust.

"Threats against public officials should be taken seriously," Rosen's office said. "Senator Rosen trusts the U.S. Attorney’s office and federal law enforcement to handle this matter."

John Miller is set to be put on trial in January, and is facing up to ten years in prison if he is convicted.

I have a feeling as though Miller is going to be spending at least a little time behind bars.

Do you think that he deserves it?

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