Man arrested, charged with making violent threats against prominent Democrats

 September 10, 2023

A 39-year-old man has been arrested and now faces criminal charges of making serious threats against a host of prominent Democrat figures, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even first lady Jill Biden, as Law & Crime reports.

Adam R. Mouser of Jacksonville, Illinois, is now being held at the Sangamon County Detention Facility awaiting further developments in his case.

Federal charges revealed

According to the federal complaint against Mouser, U.S. Secret Service agents indicated that they became aware of Moser's online writings – primarily on X (formerly Twitter) – stating that he hoped to “murder” Joe Biden with his “bare f***ing” hands.”

Mouser also allegedly expressed his plan to shoot the president's “piece of s**t wife” and an unnamed Biden son – presumably Hunter Biden.

According to the Jacksonville Journal-Courier, Mouser was subsequently arrested on charges of making threats against the president, threatening a former president, and threatening others under the protection of the U.S. Secret Service.

He is also charged with the use of interstate communications to make threats to injure the aforementioned individuals.

Defiant tone

According to the Journal-Courier, before the filing of the criminal complaint against him, Mouser remained active online, slamming federal authorities for probing his conduct.

“Biden's secret service is out intimidating voters in Illinios [sic] right now as a scare tactic for what's coming next,” Mouser wrote on X.

Mouser continued, writing, “they were at my door and left unhappy then they went to all my family members and scared them too. It's the natzis [sic] all over again. They'll be back to kill me soon.”

Apparently ready for a violent confrontation with law enforcement over his threatening communications, Mouser also opined that the “sad pathetic pigs won't shoot me,” because he would shoot back, find their children “and murder them too.”

Government fights release on bail

Though a magistrate judge assigned to the case was reportedly poised to set at $10,000 bail for Mouser, prosecutors fought back, arguing that he represented an ongoing threat to the community as well as a flight risk.

Sarah E. Seberger, an assistant U.S. attorney on the case cited in support of the government's opposition to bail, copies of online posts from Mouser discussing his planned use of body armor and his intention to “not go quietly” if approached by law enforcement.

“I'm headed to get pictures of me with my gear on so the feds can see I'm better armed than the Utah man,” he wrote, referencing Craig Robertson, who was recently shot dead by FBI agents attempting to serve a search warrant. “I guess you gotta dress up for the occasion to slaughter useless government pieces of [expletive]. I'm excited are u excited?”

Mouser's attorney of record at this point in the case is Kevin Wykoff of Springfield, Illinois, who has yet to comment on his client or the charges he now faces.

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