Man charged over New Year's Eve rampage through Manhattan

 January 31, 2024

Manhattan's far-left prosecutor Alvin Bragg took a break from harassing Donald Trump to file charges against an actual criminal.

44-year-old Mohamed Alaouie was indicted Tuesday for ramming his car through crowds of people in a rampage after midnight on New Year's Day.

Nine people were hurt in the assault through Midtown, which unfolded just blocks away from Times Square.

Man indicted for Manhattan rampage

Police confronted the suspect when bystanders saw him beating his girlfriend inside of his black Mercedez-Benz around 1:30 a.m.

The suspect put his car in reverse and drove onto a sidewalk packed with people on West 33rd Street, striking one person.

He proceeded to take police on a wild goose chase through Midtown, driving one block up Seventh Avenue through wrong-way traffic as police pursued on foot.

As the suspect turned on West 34th Street, he found himself stuck in traffic and began ramming cars in front and behind. He proceeded to drive onto the sidewalk, toppling a food cart and leaving two people pinned underneath.

He continued to drive west on 34th Street past Eight Avenue, but his car eventually broke down and police were able to take him into custody.

When it was all over, nine people had been hurt including a cop and Black Panther actor Carrie Bernans.

Sixteen bags of coke...

Police found sixteen bags of cocaine at the scene and another two in his pants when he got to the hospital. Alaouie was charged with 28 counts including vehicular assault and possession of a controlled substance.

“This defendant allegedly careened through packed sidewalks and streets during the busiest time of the year in Midtown. His recklessness endangered the lives of countless New Yorkers and visitors who were ringing in the New Year,” Bragg said.

“I hope the victims can fully recover from their injuries and thank the police officers who were on the scene to apprehend this individual.”

This is exactly the kind of brazen lawlessness that Bragg's soft-on-crime agenda has encouraged.

Maybe if he spent more time punishing criminals and less time on political vendettas, things like this wouldn't happen.

Bragg is currently busy preparing a criminal case against President Trump in March, potentially the first of Trump's cases to go to trial.

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