Man Dragged From Hillary Clinton Rally

October 29, 2023

Hillary Clinton isn't that hard tog et along with, she only has one rule.

You MUST comply with EVERYTHING that she says. There will be no criticism, no critical thinking, and no worrying about anybody other than her, EVER.

If you can agree to those things, then you and Hillary Clinton are probably going to get along just fine.

But if you EVER poke around for the truth, or try to look behind the curtain of the liberal elite, Hillary Clinton will turn on you in an instant.

That's exactly what just happened.

Hillary Clinton recently had an audience member dragged out of one of her engagements because he dared ask Clinton about her least favorite subject...


Alex Rosen, the heckler, recently posted a video on Twitter about what happens when you confront her with the truth, instead of just lobbing her softball questions about keeping hot sauce in her purse.

Alex Rosen was at Hillary Clinton's rally for Houston mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee when he asked Hillary Clinton a question about how close Bill Clinton was frequently seen getting with Jeffrey Epstein.

Hillary didn't like the question.

Hillary's fans didn't like the question.

Hillary's security didn't like the question.

Instead of getting Alex Rosen an answer to his totally legitimate question, they did the most disgusting thing they could think of:

Deny his free speech and remove Alex Rosen from the event.

See for yourself.

If liberals ever want the opportunity to have conservatives cross the aisle and vote for them, then they're going to have to start playing a little more fairly.

Most rational people will never agree that this is how the politics of the free world should be run.

Unfortunately, liberals aren't trying to get along.

They aren't trying to compromise.

They aren't trying to figure out what's best for all Americans.

They're trying to wipe us out.

Now, you've seen the proof.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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