Man dubbed "Q Anon Shaman" released to half-way house

 March 31, 2023

Dubbed the "Q Anon Shaman," Navy veteran Jacob Chansley became a symbol of the January 6 riot after images of him adorned in buffalo horns went viral.

Chansley later pleaded guilty to several charges and was sentenced to 41 months in prison. Yet in a development that is sure to leave some liberals furious, Chansley was released this week to a halfway house.  

Lawyer says Chansley's release was expected

The Daily Mail reported that he "was transferred from FCI Stafford federal prison in Arizona to community confinement in the Phoenix area" after spending 27 months behind bars.

Phoenix's Fox 10 quoted Chansley's attorney as saying, "I told him 16 months ago in our first conversation it would be Feb. or Mar. 2023."

"I didn’t do anything extraordinary–this was always the schedule, I just understood it and could explain it to him. He was expecting 12 more months," the lawyer added.

Chansely was in the news earlier this month after Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired previously sealed security footage taken on January 6.

Conservatives celebrate on Twitter

The video shows him behaving peacefully and being accompanied by a group of police officers as he walked around Capitol Hill.

Many conservatives were quick to celebrate news of Chansley's release, with Donald Trump Jr. tweeting, "It's about time!"

Critics allege political bias in justice system

Conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley agreed before adding that those who hid footage of his behavior on January 6 should themselves be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, others pointed to the treatment of a left-wing shaman-like figure who helped stage a recent takeover of the Kentucky legislature as evidence that the justice system is politically biased.

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