March was the RNC's best fundraising month ever, says Lara Trump

 April 5, 2024

March ended up being the "largest fundraising month for the RNC in history," according to RNC co-chair Lara Trump during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

The Republicans and the Trump campaign raised $40 million in a single joint fundraising event, which was $14 million more than the recent glitzy event hosted by President Joe Biden.

It was disclosed this week that the Trump campaign and RNC collectively raised $65.6 million in March, increasing their total cash on hand to $93.1 million.

More from the RNC Official

Lara Trump offered a more comprehensive outlook on this accomplishment in light of the fact that the election approaches in less than 31 weeks.

Trump stated that she and chairman Michael Whatley did not have a "great situation" with funds when they adopted their positions, which is something Democrats love to point out.

“It took three presidents — Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and God bless us all, the current President of the United States, as hard as it is to say, Joe Biden — to raise $26 million at the glitzy Radio City event last week,” Lara Trump explained.

Additionally, she illustrated the stark contrast by stating that former President Donald Trump took just a single event on this past Saturday to amass funds exceeding that amount.

Explanation of Fundraising

“This is our first major fundraising event with our joint fundraising committee, Trump 47 Committee. This is a fundraising committee between the RNC and the campaign.

"We have $40 million that we’ve already raised for that single event. As of yesterday, we reported our March fundraising numbers — $65.6 million we have brought in just in the month of March,” she said, describing the haul as “the largest fundraising month for the RNC in history.”

The former first-daughter-in-law asserted, “We are taking this very seriously,” attributing the boost to the fact that people are realizing that this is truly a “different RNC.”

“We feel more comfortable now donating our money here, because we believe that the money will go towards the things that we care about. You ask, how is that money going to be used? Well, I just talked about the fact that we are going to be playing this game differently, right? We need to have people all across this country. We want volunteers,” she said, emphasizing the need or poll watchers.

Goal for Americans

The newly elected RNC official said that her office wants "people in every tabulation center across America. If you’re an attorney, we want you also in every polling location and then every tabulation center because this way, if there is even the faintest hint of anything wrong in a moment, we can attack it and we can address it and we’re not waiting weeks on end to bring lawsuits in this space.

“We’re making sure that that we have a robust team across this country actually focused on winning and not only that, about getting out the vote [and] engaging with things people like low propensity voters.

"These are people who always vote Republican, or maybe only go to, you know, a polling location or vote in every three or four elections. We got to get them out this election cycle,” she emphasized, also stressing the need to “protect that vote.”

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