Marianne Williamson seeks to replace Biden in 2024

 March 5, 2023

According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Marianne Williamson and her allies are putting together a "game plan" to take President Joe Biden down in 2024. 

Williamson, a spiritual adviser and best-selling self-help author, recently announced her candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2024. This will be her second attempt at it.

Williamson previously made an attempt at the presidency in 2020. But, she struggled to garner support, and she ended up having to drop out of the running in Jan. 2020, which was just before the commencement of the primaries and caucuses.

Williamson, no doubt, is looking to make a deeper run this time around. And, she has already begun to target Biden and his administration.

The announcement

Williamson launched her 2024 campaign on Saturday, becoming the first big-name Democrat to do so.

"The status quo, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, will not disrupt itself," Williamson said in her announcement.

She continued:

We're all here because we care about this country. But we're all here, or at least many of us are, because we are upset about this country, we're worried about this country. It is our job to create a vision of justice and love that is so powerful, that it will override the forces of hatred and injustice and fear.

The "game plan"

Biden has yet to announce his reelection campaign. But, it is widely expected that he will, and it appears that he already has the backing of many Democrats.

So, at the very least, it appears that, on the Democratic side, Williamson and Biden will be facing off. And, part of Williamson's plan is to capitalize on Biden's shortcomings.

The Examiner reports:

Keenly aware of the uphill battle before them, Williamson’s team is banking on President Joe Biden’s history of fumbling in early primary states as well as her charisma, in order to undercut his expected coronation.

"I know how to disrupt it"

Speaking of the uphill battle, many have already begun to write Williamson off as a serious candidate.

Williamson, in response, has begun pushing back on this notion in her media appearances.

Williamson, during a recent ABC appearance, said:

The system that is now saying I'm unserious, that I'm not credible or I'm a longshot is the very system that protects and maintains this idea that only those whose careers have been entrenched within the system that drove us into a ditch should possibly be qualified to lead us out of that ditch. My qualification is not that I know how to perpetuate that system, my qualification is that I know how to disrupt it.

Williamson thus appears to be billing herself as an anti-establishment candidate - which places her in direct opposition to Biden. To some voters, this will certainly be an endearing quality.

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