Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for Mike Johnson to be removed as speaker

 April 10, 2024

Louisiana Republican Rep. Mike Johnson made headlines this past October when he was elected House speaker following the departure of California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Yet Johnson's speakership may prove to be short-lived, as this week saw a prominent conservative call for his removal.  

Greene: Johnson gave "Joe Biden and the Democrats everything they wanted"

According to Breitbart, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene laid out her case for getting rid of Johnson in a letter sent to her colleagues on Tuesday.

"Even with our razor-thin Republican majority, we could have at least secured the border, with it being the number one issue in the country and being the issue that is causing Biden to lose in poll after poll," Greene wrote.

"Instead, Mike Johnson worked with Chuck Schumer rather than with us, and gave Joe Biden and the Democrats everything they wanted no different from how a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries would have done," she alleged.

Congresswoman says GOP hasn't "earned" another majority

Greene complained that under Johnson's tenure, the House has been "[f]ully funding abortion, the trans agenda, the climate agenda, foreign wars, and Biden’s border crisis."

She also took issue with the expulsion of former New York Rep. George Santos despite him not having "been convicted of any crime."

Greene further asserted that if Republicans "win the House this fall, it will only be because President Trump is on the ballot, not because we have earned it."

The Georgia congresswoman was quick dismissing concerns that removing Johnson would "give the majority to the Democrats."

"That only happens if more Republicans retire early, or Republicans actually vote for Hakeem Jeffries. It's not complicated, it's simple math," she insisted.

Johnson pushes back at press conference

For his part, Johnson responded to Greene's letter the following day when speaking to reporters at a press conference on Capitol Hill.

He said that refusing to compromise with Democrats would force an unpopular government shutdown during an election year.

"I don’t think that it would be helpful to us from a political standpoint for the Republican Party to continue to govern to maintain, keep, and then grow our majority in November," Johnson explained.

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