Maryland escaped convict recaptured following manhunt

 August 17, 2023

The Washington Examiner reported that a manhunt came to an end this week after an escaped Maryland convict was taken into custody. 

The drama began at around 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning after 38-year-old inmate Randy Morris broke free custody.

Inmate escaped from a transport van

Morris, who had been serving time behind bars for burglary, made his escape near Jessup, Maryland, which is located approximately 5 miles southwest of Baltimore.

That led the Howard County Police Department to put out a series of tweets describing Morris and advising anyone who spotted him to call 911.

Morris was recaptured in the early evening

However, Morris' time on the run did not last long, as the Maryland State Police tweeted shortly after 6:00 p.m. that the inmate had been recaptured.

Morris previously lived in Halethorpe, Maryland, and WBALTV 11 interviewed local residents who said he had long been a problem in the community.

One former neighbor who was identified only as "Brandy" recalled how Morris "actually lived a couple doors down from where we are."

Escapee has "an extensive criminal history"

"He just didn't care. He thought he was above the law all the time. He was a very big drug addict (and) troublemaker, constantly breaking into people's houses, robbing people," Brandy went on to explain.

The news station noted that a search of online court records revealed how Morris has "an extensive criminal history" which includes domestic violence, resisting arrest, illegal drugs and parole violations.

WBALTV cited a hand-written letter Morris sent to court personnel which read, "Can I get drug treatment? The judge gave me 10 years, I got five years in... I've been needing treatment for years now."

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