Maryland judge temporarily blocks new gun restriction law

 October 1, 2023

A federal judge temporarily blocked a Maryland law on Friday that restricts where gun owners can legally carry a firearm.

U.S. District Judge George Russell III ruled that the state is unable to block gun bans in locations where alcohol is sold without permission of the owner.

The details

"The judge’s ruling came after the law, which was a response to a 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision that ended a requirement to show a need for a license to carry a concealed gun in public and led to more permits, was challenged by the NRA, Firearms Policy Coalition and state gun rights groups," Fox News reported.

"Russell kept the bans on areas that could be considered 'sensitive places' like schools, museums, state parks and mass transit," it continued.

The governor's take

"Maryland Governor Wes Moore signed S.B. 1 in May, putting new rules on where guns may be carried, even with a permit," Reuters reported.

"The gun rights groups, along with several Maryland gun owners, filed two separate lawsuits over both the new and existing state laws restricting guns that same month. The lawsuits, which challenge the restrictions as unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, were later consolidated," it added.

Republicans respond

“The Court has recognized that so many of the restrictions the far-left wing of the General Assembly tried to place on lawful, peaceful gun owners went way beyond the bounds of what is constitutionally allowed,” said House Minority Leader Jason C. Buckel (R-Allegany).

“During the debate on Senate Bill 1, the members of the House Republican Caucus repeatedly and exhaustively warned our Democratic colleagues that parts of this bill went too far," he stated.

The ruling did not end the law but does block much of the law's impact until the case proceeds, with some Second Amendment advocates pushing for the law to be completely revoked.

An update on the case is expected in two weeks. Until then, the more limited version in the judge's ruling will apply.

The case is a partial win for gun owners in Maryland whose right to bear arms is under threat of being greatly limited in public.

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