'Mass shooting' amid Denver Nuggets celebration that left 10 injured stemmed from drug deal

 June 14, 2023

There was a reported "mass shooting" in Denver, Colorado in the early hours of Tuesday morning that left 10 people injured with gunshot wounds, according to Breitbart.

The incident occurred in an area of downtown Denver just a few hours after the Denver Nuggets had clinched the National Basketball Association's championship at nearby Ball Arena as the raucous post-game celebration, in which thousands of happy fans had gathered together in the area, was beginning to wind down.

This was not a typical "active shooter"-style mass shooting incident targeting random innocent victims, however, despite the initial implications of such by gun control groups and the media, but rather appears to have been the result of a drug deal gone bad, according to the police.

Drug deal gone bad amid championship celebration

The Associated Press reported that, according to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, 10 individuals were injured in the mass shooting incident -- nine men and one woman -- that appeared to have been sparked by a drug deal amid the post-game celebration in downtown Denver.

Two men were swiftly arrested as suspects, one of whom was among the injured, and an estimated 20 rounds were fired in the incident, potentially from multiple weapons.

According to Police Commander Matt Clark, five handguns were recovered from the scene and the suspects, though it is unclear if all five had been involved in the shooting, as well as a "significant quantity" of fentanyl pills and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Of the 10 individuals transported to nearby Denver Health Medical Center, four underwent immediate emergency surgery, and five of the injured people remained in the hospital in fair condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

Clark said that the wounded suspect had attempted to flee the scene but was caught a few blocks away and found to be in possession of a handgun and illicit drugs. The other suspect was found in a parked car in a nearby parking lot with a handgun that he had attempted to hide on the vehicle's floor.

"Completely innocent bystanders" wounded in the drug-related shooting

CBS News reported that police have identified the two suspects as Ricardo Miquel Vazquez, 22, the one who was wounded, and Raoul Gottfried Jones, 33, who was uninjured. Both of those men had prior criminal records and have already been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a previous offender.

During a Tuesday morning press conference, Commander Clark said, "While we know some of the offenders were injured by gunfire, we also know that several innocent people who were in the area were hit by rounds that were fired," and Chief Thomas added that he believed that five or six of the wounded individuals were "completely innocent bystanders."

Per the AP, the post-game celebration of the Nugget's championship victory over the Miami Heat took place in the same area where a massive crowd had gathered last year without incident when the hometown Colorado Avalanche had won the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup championship, and Denver Police had made preparations to similarly safeguard the crowd.

Unfortunately, Thomas said, "What we couldn't have planned for was a drug deal right in the middle of a celebration for an NBA championship.

Gun control laws didn't stop these armed criminals

Ironically enough, the anti-Second Amendment group Everytown for Gun Safety ranks Colorado as having the 12th toughest gun control laws in the nation, including universal background checks, "extreme risk" confiscations, strict concealed carry regulations, and prohibitions against firearm possession by various offenders, including those convicted of felonies, among numerous other restrictions.

Of course, those laws and others that gun control groups incessantly demand don't mean anything to convicted criminals dealing illicit drugs with concealed firearms who are already in violation of numerous other local, state, and federal statutes.

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