Matthew Perry's exact cause of death yet to be revealed

 October 30, 2023

Actor Matthew Perry left fans of the classic sitcom "Friends" heartbroken this weekend when he passed away at the age of 54.

Although Perry appears to have drowned in a hot tub at his home, his official cause of death has yet to be announced. 

Cause of death announcement "deferred"

The actor's body was discovered late on Saturday afternoon and the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner's office told Fox News that an autopsy was completed the following day.

While no drugs were found in the home, a toxicology report was still pending. The coroner's office also stated that a statement regarding what killed Perry was being "deferred."

"Deferred means that after an autopsy, a cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting more investigation into the death, including additional studies, a spokesperson for the coroner's office was quoted as telling The Hollywood Reporter.

"Once the tests/studies come back, the doctor evaluates the case again and makes the cause of death determination," the spokesperson added.

Justin Trudeau went to school with Perry

Perry was raised in Canada and at one point attended the same elementary school as future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Following Perry's death, the prime minister put up a post on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter in which he recalled their time together.

"Matthew Perry’s passing is shocking and saddening," Trudeau wrote. "I’ll never forget the schoolyard games we used to play, and I know people around the world are never going to forget the joy he brought them."

NBC Entertainment "incredibly saddened"

NBC Entertainment put out a statement of its own, saying, "We are incredibly saddened by the too soon passing of Matthew Perry."

The network praised Perry for having "brought so much joy to hundreds of millions of people around the world with his pitch perfect comedic timing and wry wit." It stressed that the actor's "legacy will live on through countless generations."

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