DHS Sec. Mayorkas accused of aiding Mexican drug cartels and 'child traffickers' as support for impeachment grows

 May 17, 2023

There has been growing talk among House Republicans of an increasingly urgent need to impeach and remove Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas over his apparent refusal to fully enforce the nation's existing border security and illegal immigration laws.

That includes the ramping up of rhetoric against Mayorkas, such as the recent assertion from one House Republican that the DHS secretary is, in effect, aiding and abetting the Mexican drug cartels and child traffickers in successfully crossing the southern border, Breitbart reported.

And, just last week, a member of House Republican leadership had similarly accused Mayorkas of essentially allowing for people to be "killed," for children to disappear, and for known and suspected terrorists to enter the country due to his non-enforcement of the border.

Mayorkas is helping "cartels and child traffickers"

On Tuesday, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) issued a press release to announce that he had signed on in support of H.Res. 89, articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, which was first introduced in February by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

"Secretary Mayorkas is the architect of the policies that have led to five million illegal encounters at our border, 85,000 unaccompanied children being lost by our government, and thousands of pounds of deadly drugs flowing across. There is no doubt he failed to uphold his oath to secure our country," Moore said. "Mayorkas has done more to help the cartels and child traffickers than he has to help the American people. It is clear he is intentionally violating the law and he must be impeached."

A spokesperson for Biggs told Breitbart that the Arizona congressman was "full steam ahead" in continuing to drum up support among fellow House Republicans for his articles of impeachment against the DHS secretary.

Growing support for Mayorkas impeachment

One member who may soon join the effort, if he hasn't already, is Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA), who told Breitbart this week, "I support beginning impeachment hearings. I’ve said that to [Judiciary] Chairman [Jim] Jordan. My constituents think it’s long overdue, and I feel as though once we lay out the facts for the American people and for my colleagues in the House, it’ll be inevitable."

Another House Republican who hasn't signed on to Rep. Bigg's resolution but nonetheless clearly supports removing Sec. Mayorkas from office is Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who told reporters this week, "He should be impeached as soon as humanly possible."

That was much more diplomatic than what the outspoken Texas congressman had to say last week after the House passed a tough border security bill at the same time that the Biden administration lifted Title 42, the pandemic-era public health order that allowed migrants to be immediately expelled at the border, when he told Breitbart of Mayorkas, "Impeachment is the nicest thing I can say about that son of a bitch right now."

Still another who could soon join the impeachment bandwagon is Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), who recently told Breitbart this week that Mayorkas deserved to be removed from office due to his "willful non-enforcement of our border," and added, "You can’t any longer believe that somebody’s that bad at their job."

In a clear sign of the growing momentum for the impeachment effort against Sec. Mayorkas, House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) -- not exactly a firebrand member of the GOP -- said last week in an interview with Breitbart about Mayorkas and the Biden administration, "They talk about being humane. Children are disappearing. People are getting killed. You’ve got 80 people that have come across the southern border that are on the terrorist watch list."

"This, to me, is the greatest malfeasance, and malfeasance is -- it’s not a failure to act -- it’s an intentional failure to act. Mayorkas should be impeached," he added. "I think we should be talking seriously about that regardless of what this feckless Senate might want to do."

Mayorkas and DHS dismissive of talk of impeachment

That said, Mayorkas dismissed the impeachment talk on Sunday during a CNN interview, as did a DHS spokesperson this week in a statement to the Washington Examiner that said, "Secretary Mayorkas is proud to advance the noble mission of this Department, support its extraordinary workforce, and serve the American people."

"The Department will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border, protect the nation from terrorism, improve our cybersecurity, all while building a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system," the spokesperson added. "Instead of pointing fingers and pursuing a baseless impeachment, Congress should work with the Department and pass legislation to fix our broken immigration system, which has not been updated in over 40 years."

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