Mayorkas Hearing Derailed After Witness Verbally Attacks Top Democrat

 July 20, 2023

A House hearing was meant to investigate Homeland Security Secretay Alejandro Mayorkas, but that goal was quickly dispatched of.

According to the Washington Examiner, chaos broke loose at the hearing "after a witness launched a rare verbal attack on a senior Democrat and Republicans erupted in defense."

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle engaged in a heated exchange after witnesses concluded their opening remarks before the House Homeland Security Committee in Washington.

Republican witness, former Drug Enforcement Administration official Derek Maltz, launched into a personal attack on Democrat Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi.

"For the ranking member, I'm sorry we're wasting your time," Maltz said toward Thompson at the end of his statement.

Thompson demanded to know what Maltz had meant when he referred to Thompson in particular.

"Because in your opening statement, you said that this was a charade, it was a waste of time — whatever words you used — and the kids are dying at record levels, and I don't appreciate that," Maltz said.

At this point, Chairman Mark Green, a Republican from Tennessee, stood up and said that Maltz "could not address Thompson or anyone else on the panel because decorum rules forbid it."

Democratic Representatives Glenn Ivey and Troy Carter said that Mark Green should have done more to put Maltz in his place:

"I appreciate that comment, but I really want to raise a point of order," Ivey said. "I've never seen a witness personally attack a member like that at a hearing."

Republican Dan Bishop erupted, saying that Thompson disrespected the witness and brought Maltz comments out:

"The ranking member said he was embarrassed that we would undertake this that witnesses responded to that because it was an attack on that witness," Bishop claimed.

Green then did his best to get the hearing back on track.

I haven't heard or seen any reports indicating that the outbursts continued, so I would imagine that Green was at least somewhat successful in restoring order.

Mayorkas was not present at the hearing.

What do you think about this story?

Is this situation turning out to be a liberal scam like the rest of them? Or could Mayorkas actually face some consequences down the road?

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